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Dear Harry,

12 months ago my wife completed The Wizards Course and I no longer could surely argue that Avatar should be resisted. Now having completed Wizards myself, I will be forever grateful to her for having the inspiration and perseverance to undertake her journey and to persist with her encouragement of me!

As a teacher for over 30 years it is humbling to take part in a program such as Avatar that far exceeds the instructional integrity of anything I have previously encountered. Harry, the materials and inspiration provided are truly amazing! I now have a set of tools to truly maintain a self actualized life.

I also have a life partner to encourage, coach, support and inspire our future lives together. To be in service is our goal. I look forward to integrating the Avatar lessons to determine how that will be experienced. Thank you and also to Avra, the Trainers and the Qualified Masters. I have absolute respect for them. To our future,

A.R.- Australia