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Dear Harry and Avra,

"Everything flows...eventually" and eventually is here, now, continually. By confusing fixed attention and/or biased attention with focused and free attention, I have blocked the flow of what is most important to me; contributing to the creation of an EPC in service to others/ Awakening. This has been transparent and, since Integrity Course, I have become aware, through grace and appreciation and connection with you and the materials and our amazing Sangha, of my patterns and beliefs that have created this and I have an experiential clarity of surrender and steering my ship. When attention flows freely, everything flows.

The enclosed is from a new student who looked at the EPC website, felt his alignment, called me and did ReSurfacing last weekend. He has now inspired two others to do ReSurfacing and that is happening this weekend. I am humble. His next goal is doing Part II and III at the International Course in Oct.

Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude,
Helen Baumgartner


Dear Helen,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel so alive, words really can't describe what I'm feeling right now. You have opened my eyes to so much that I can't ever turn back. Tell Maurice thank you for me, there was something about his presence, being there at lunch, that added to my awakening. Let me know what weekends you have open, I want to get started on the mini courses as soon as possible! I'm very excited about my future, with Avatar and personally. Now I get the messages that people write on the Avatar site and in the Journal...HAHAHAHA This is only the beginning so it's hard for me to even imagine that there is more but I know there is... The splinter in my mind, so to speak, has turned into a 2 by 4. I want more, I have to follow this path...THANK YOU!