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Now after nine days I am happy but exhausted. It is not the course that made me tired but my insistance that I go to the Wizards course. I told the Trainers- I love them all- that as I am old (82 years old), I ask myself if it doesn't make more sense to invest the money in my children and grand-children coming to Avatar. That is a question I will answer in time.

I feel wonderful having done the Master Course. You know who brought me to it? It was the question " how do I get my thinking to change"? Albert Einstein said "you can't solve the problems we have with the same thinking that we have raised them" and it didn't go out of my head. As I asked my questions, very many, to young and old nobody gave me an answer. They all repeated "I don't know"!!! So I kept them in my head until I read about about Avatar. Eureka! I found the answer, Harry. I was excited and I wish you that you can feel my thankfulness for what you do for us all who are seeking after a better world.

Thank you; thank you; thank you! I am source, I feel it and I appreciate it! Love,

Helen Roesch- The Netherlands