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I had the impression to really understand the works of Jesus in the Bible. For example, "I am the one who is." It's so different to feel something not to only understand it with my mind. I felt how useless and cruel are some of my creations. I met Love and how wonderful I am.


First of all, a word of thanks to you for making this material available to me. I have struggled with pretending to be me for the better part of my life. I was so far removed from my Source that I couldn't even identify who I was or when I wasn't me. Through the exercises, I have experienced clearly what the problem was and even better, the exercises offered the solution. Which is more than most therapies do.
I have made the primary to attend the Master's Course and feel very motivated to contribute to making this lovely Planet more enlightened by helping other people to regain their ability to have positive control of their lives and become more happy and care for the whole world. Thank You.


As a teacher, I work in the area of special education with youngsters. Some of these children have been badly teased and suffer very much from the experience. In an initiation session with a 16 year old boy, I was touched because he showed me during the course that he had been teased very badly, as well. Now, he experienced the power to choose his own way. As Source, he could step out of this creation and discreate it. Now he goes on as a non-teased boy! My Primary: All Avatars contribute to enlighten the suffering of all kids that have been badly teased.