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Dear Harry,

After completing Section II of the Avatar Course I feel a new lightness in my life. I was able to identify obstacles and doubts that have kept me from living the life I want. I also created new intentions as primaries which opened my heart and mind. I am so looking forward to Section III of the course! Thank you,


Dear Harry,

I had a doubtful mind in the beginning of my Avatar Course. As I was learning, I was testing with my mind. I got bored and annoyed with that. During Sections II and III, as I repeatedly practiced,  I experienced the objects became clear and detailed during the feeling exercise starting Section II. It was an amazing experience to begin to feel. Like taking an image with a digital camera from low resolution to very high resolution.

When I moved into the creation exercise I began to feel an energy that I can do something! The exercise is very impressive. It is a great way to let people live as they want to and heal people of negative aspects! During Section II I felt my childhood serenity.

In Section III when I found some resistance I was able to use the tools on the beliefs creating the worry. With my intuition I could feel that everyone should have these experiences. At the end of the course I used the tools to discreate an unpleasant sense of my body. I felt it fully without resistance and really felt that being gradually disappear. It was amazing!

I felt like Avatar was a big adventure for me to lead a new way. I will enjoy and explore this adventure.

J-S.B.- Korea

Dear Harry,

Just completed the Avatar Course! Feel amazing, loved the experience and feel so much gratitude to all who attended, Coaches, Trainers, Qualified Masters and Students. My life has deepened and I look forward to experiencing a lot more!

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand


Hi Harry,

"In the beginning...." Ha ha! All of my resistance did have a point because, by gosh, I did need to clear some crap. But, boy, did it feel good afterwards and Avatar feels so right! I feel like I have been initiated "into" life. I now have the skills to play the wildest game ever, armed with limitless possibilities and endless love. The switch has been turned "on" and I'm in! It's so Yum. I feel incredibly grateful.

The importance of dealing with my secondaries is immense. Going out into the world radiating my secondaries adds to world confusion and a twisted web of confusion. If we continue to deny and claim that we have no connection with wars and catastrophes they will continue a bit like a snowball effect.

Only once personal responsibility is found ( however small or large) and we are able to acknowledge it in ourselves, from this viewpoint change can happen (awareness). It is at this point that we can decide to feed either positive or negative to the creation. Thank you!

Monica Anderson- USA