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Hello Harry,

Six months ago we got in touch with Miken asking for her point of view about inspiring two persons who have MS and are in wheel chairs.
She encouraged us to do the ReSurfacing® workshop we had planned to do at our place and inspire them to then do the Avatar® course.
They came to Egmond 3 weeks ago, finished the course in Egmond...and registered right away for the Master course in Egmond the end of April.

You should see their gains !

They had very low energy when they started ReSurfacing® and they had so much energy at the end of the course.
Our plan is to bring them to Wizards next year.
We both feel so much gratitude for having the Avatar® tools to offer to those guys !
We shall keep you posted about their successes in the Master course.
With love.
Mario and Chantal

Dear Harry, Avra, Miken and Stars Edge,

What I am about to say feels like old wisdom. You've heard this thousands of times by the grateful multitudes before me. "Harry. These tools are EXTRAORDINARY."

How quickly and powerfully you can shift out of a state of self imposed delusion, limitation, dysfunction, negativity, dissatisfaction and drama - feels like MAGIC. Literally like MAGIC.

As a child when experiencing pain, fear, or turmoil, I remember trying to will myself to "just magic it away."

Wow. Look what I found!

A technological magic in the 21st century that works! The Avatar tools are the most practical but magical technology I have ever experienced. Avatar in my opinion; is LIGHT YEARS ahead of its time.

We as a species needed something this futuristic and powerful to save us from ourselves and recreate our collective existence in the manner it was always intended before the beginning of time.

Thank you Harry. Thank you.

With infinite love and appreciation for You, Avra, Miken and the worldwide bodhisattva Stars Edge sangha.

Rana Porter

I feel like I've been reborn. It doesn't mean that I became another person. I feel like being restructured. A new me that accepts the future, recovery of peace of mind, that goes towards where my essence wants to go. The space of the Avatar Course is unique. There are people of different ages, occupations, and social status, but there wasn't any concern about that. This is very interesting. If feel that superficial differences don't have any relationship with the person. It feels pleasant to be integrated. Feeling confidence to do whatever I want. It's not a feeling that joy comes up, it's rather surrounding everything. It's not moving with the power of a belief. It's just myself moving.


I'm feeling many things as I got to know that Avatar is not only for personal happiness, but it's for the intention of spreading into the Universe. As I've been raised in a Christian family, I feel the connection with it.