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The Avatar tools are teahing humans how to live life.

Similiar to: "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime."

Thanks for teaching me to live.

Much love and appreciation,

Terri Linscheid


I took Avatar Section I five years ago. I knew I would review Section I and finish Section II and III at some time. This was the time. I knew I had chosen the right time when I e-mailed Holly Reilly. I felt her fall off her chair.

This was a life changing experience. It is truly inspiring how much I have learned to be in touch with some of my deepest feeling and having the tools to discreate long held beliefs. I am amazed how much my life has changed in only a few days. Being in touch with my real feelings is like stepping out of one world and into an entirely different world--all by being source.

Several of the group I enjoyed this adventure with are planning to take the Master Course in November.

The one word that kept coming up in my experience was "Wow! This is actually happening to be because I am creating this.

Floyd Dean


Dear Harry,

I am an Avatar from last May and will be going to Masters in Orlando on June 3rd. I want to share with you my wonderful experience with an Avatar exercise recently. I was feeling depressed about my relationship with certain friends and called Audrey. She suggested the Walk for Atonement, so I did it two ways--self-criticism and criticism of others. The self-criticism way was easy, and I felt better immediately. But doing it on criticism of others was much harder (and took another call to Audrey for help), because I thought, "But they really do deserve my criticism!". But with Audrey's help I finally realized how I was causing myself so much unhappiness and separation from people by being so judgmental (especially with my husband)--not to people's faces, but in my secret unkind thoughts.

Anyway, after I finished the exercise, I noticed an IMMEDIATE improvement in my relationship with my husband! I didn't even have to try to not be judgmental, but if I even CONSIDERED it, I would say to myself: Oh, oh, there I go again!, and I would choose not to do it. Then the next morning at church, I felt so much closer and more connected to people (even a particular person whom I formerly indulged in a lot of secret judgment about). (As an aside, since I was at church, it occurred to me that there really is something to the old biblical exhortation to "judge not".) It seems obvious to me now that people really could feel it when I had all those secret unkind thoughts about them.

At any rate, it is the Avatar exercise that allowed me to stop being judgmental and brought all this improvement about (including great peace, happiness, and energy!), and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing the Avatar principles and tools!

C. S.
New Orleans
I was encouraged to attend the Avatar course by my counselor. She promised me it would provide simple practical tools that would allow me to move into new areas of consciousness and awareness at will.

I was afraid, fearing Star's Edge to be some kind of "nutty cult", but I went anyway. My experience was everything I had been promised, and my fears and doubts were all resolved. (Though getting to resolution did require me to look honestly at my own originations !)

I EXPERIENCED a quiet mind, a clarity of will and focus, an openess to and unity with everyone and everything.

I am determined now to refine my practice and to enhance my ability to use the tools effectively. The Avatar course allows each person to decide for them self what they want to do, what they want to experience, and who they want to be. I found it to be remarkable indeed.


Rebecca Ryan