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Hello, Harry, from a new Avatar (as of Sunday, July 1).

I want to begin by thanking you for your work and also for coming by to speak in person to our class. It was amazing to feel the love and gratitude when you appeared to speak. I was also thrilled, as a result of the course, to be ABLE to feel it. Wow! I could easily get used to this life.

I have returned home and have been back to work for one day following the course. I have three interesting experiences to share from that period.

The first is simply that I continued to feel wonderfully different when I was back in my workspace. I had been a bit nervous about the glow fading when I returned to my workplace routine but I continued to experience a new feeling of identity, power and control. Yes!

Secondly, I can breath now. So much of what arose to be cleared during the course was associated with a feeling of pressure in my chest that has made it hard for me to breathe and made that breathing shallow. Following the clearing experiences in the course I have been breathing much easier, more abdominally, and deeper. Further, during my work day, yesterday, I was able to recognize similar pressures as they popped up in response to work situations, could separate them from the situation itself, and then discreate them. What a useful tool!

The third experience was this morning when doing some 'it's alright' rundowns before arising. When doing 'carefree happiness' I got the clear image of that being NOT alright when I was young, a time when any apparent display of 'carefree happiness' on my part was interrupted by my Dad, in annoyance, to indicate all the chores I could be doing instead to be useful/responsible. I felt tons of shame, blame, guilt, and irresponsibility come up as secondaries during my rundown and was able to discreate them. Yeah! I now plan to experience carefree happiness today (and to take my Dad along for the ride).

I'm am signed up to see you in September at the Master Course.

Dear Harry and Avra,

I was privileged to be one of four Masters at a recent local Avatar Course
in Santa Barbara, CA. Four students completed the course and it was held at
fellow Master Glenn Scott's beautiful home.

While I was an intern at four deliveries last year, I had not delivered to a
small group in such an intimate setting. However, the results were just as

The Avatar materials, from start to finish, guided each student through
their beliefs and experiences: gently, profoundly, lovingly, efficiently and
effectively. They all had significant breakthroughs and left wanting to
experience more Avatar.

Not only have I been inspired by the Avatar Course by delivering but have
noticed subtle, and not so subtle, changes after the course in my own desire
to experience life fully and create new intentions.

Avatar created a win-win situation of inspiring all who shared the course

I wanted to share my continued gratitude to both of you, as well as Star's
Edge, for sharing these tools of enlightenment, encouragement and
empowerment . It is an honor to be just a small part of creating an EPC.

Also, please feel the depth of my gratitude for the work both of you do on a
regular basis and for holding the vision of an enlightened planetary
civilization that inspires others to believe it's possible!

With Love and Peace!
Jim Jackson

Dear Harry,

I just had the weirdest experience this morning while doing a source list:
I got stuck in "I'm happy to be me" for quite a while. It was heavy, I didn't want to create it, just plain ordinary resistance, but with a lot of energy.
At a certain moment, while exaggerating a secondary, I rapidly cited the complete source list with intention, and wham... everything changed. My primary became "the world is a reflection of me", no secondaries, as if I just completed the whole source list. It was light, sparkling..., primary.
It felt as if from an other, higher dimension, I folded the four dimensions we usually live in and stepped over to a completely different place and time. It actually felt like stepping into a parallel universe, something I have tried to imagine, but hadn't succeeded in up to now.
My coach shifted with me, naturally.
An amazing experience, what a power in the source list, what a power to create.

Thank you Harry, for helping me create a happy me and a better world to live in.
With love and appreciation,


Hi Harry,

Thank you so much for helping me feel around and find myself. These are incredible tools that I know have pointed my life in the best direction ever. I'm astonished at how you put this all together and am forever grateful. Blessings. I hope to meet you some day.


Michele Malchow