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Every moment of my life, every enemy in my life, all of us, and this planet are all so amazing.

The more attention I place on something, the more judgments disappear. I can solve any problem, I can experience any thing, I can stop anything, I just need to put a little more attention on it.

I can handle any of my beliefs, viewpoints or identities deliberately. The point is to control attention.

Everything starts to become so amazing if I experience it thoroughly with more attention. I can get more awareness and I can see a solution.

I have found the way to experience anything without suffering. I have found the way of living with amazement, being real, and happy.

I know creating an enlightened planetary civilization is true and real. Just as the morning comes, as the sun rises, and day comes... That is the natural way.

S. Y. - Korea

Before coming to this course, the word "responsibility" made me feel bad. It meant a huge burden on my shoulders and I really resisted the word. Sometimes I managed to escape from it. Often I made it through, somehow, with a struggle.

But now that I know a lot more about consciousness and about being source, the word "responsibility" brings a precious joy to my life. It means peace for my source being. I am so surprised that I'm even willing to take real responsibility for my life.

Thank you Harry, very much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to experience this special feeling.

Y. N.-Japan

Everyday that I am here I become more present, more source. Everything I encounter can be integrated.

C. A.-Netherlands

When I joined the course I didn't expect much. I just thought that The Avatar Course would give me a little motivation to change myself. But as the course progressed I couldn't help being surprised.

There are a lot of books about self-help but I've never read these simple and easy exercises. And these tools have pointed me exactly to my viewpoints and beliefs. When I discovered my transparent beliefs hiding deep inside, I sometimes cried, and sometimes they hurt, but I could handle these beliefs and see myself more clearly.

Not only have I learned about myself but I have the solutions to deal with my issues.

I have hope. I can heal the deep hurts in my heart and throw away my unhealthy beliefs.
I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

K. K.-Korea