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I am a housewife who attended The Avatar Course with her two children, (13 & 14 years-old) in Korea.

I have always wanted to be a good mother and a good person, but I've felt like I was wandering in the darkness of conflicts. I didn't know how I could be a good person, even if I wanted to be... And even though I already knew my consciousness was precious, I was in difficulty, pity, sadness, pain, or confused about it. I felt like there must be a way... then The Avatar Course led me to find myself easily and clearly.

Now, I have a firm grounding in myself. I think my family will, too. For the tools, and the devoted Masters... I thank all the people who have guided me through this nine day journey to myself. I send my love to all the people in this world.

Y. S. H., Korea
This has been a fabulous journey! I thought, "nine days of looking at my stuff...that's an eternity." But The Avatar Course creates a time warp! It has flown by.

I feel like a new born awareness, now creating my own reality, birthing my own creations. What a joy, what a blessing; to unload the charge associated with past events so they don't haunt or upset me anymore. And to realize that it's not about the people I don't like or have issues with, it's all about me. It's how I react, how I feel.

I knew this intellectually but to know it experientially, at a whole new level, to really get it was wonderful. I've discreated the ‘models' I'd created of people I love, but have judged or criticized, so now I accept them as they are without that projection, what love!

J. F., Texas
For me, this course was both a mind boggling experience and fun to do at the same time.

More concretely, it solved in a matter of days (during the course) a number of problems I'd experienced with my family, when years of effort had brought me nowhere. The Avatar Course also gave me a sense of lightness of being that was unthinkable before. It is definitely another way of dealing with life. Thank You!

W. K. - Netherlands
Thirty years of counseling didn't get near to the core of me. But Avatar did in one week.

I was a desperate 56 year-old man, being out of life, disconnected from myself, trying to survive existence. Now I am a feeling man, loaded with tools to cope with myself and life. I've thrown out a load of garbage and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

J. M. -  Netherlands