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I was born again through The Avatar Course. At first, when I did Section I, I resisted. But as the course went through Section II and III, I felt my true self. I cannot describe it. Why didn't I do it before? I am sorry about that but I'm happy now. Thanks to The Avatar Course. I left my projection, low confidence, distrusting of others which I had used for a long time. Now I can find my true identity.

I expect a wonderful future. I'll feel this movement toward the Masters Course.

K. B. -  Korea
The Avatar Course has been an incredible journey of Self discovery. Thanks for giving me the tools that I will use every day in my life. It really taught me forgiveness - most of all to myself, but also others. How important it is to be totally honest with yourself.

Thanks to all the compassionate people at the course and the rest of the world. I am ready to live my life.

K. H. - Australia
After the first day of ReSurfacing, I was thinking of all kinds of reasons to quit. But I felt I was afraid of discovering things in me that I would rather stay hidden. I saw this as a challenge!

After the second day, I felt enormous relief and joy. And you know what? The next day, after at work, it immediately helped me in a way I could never had imagined. The company noticed this and decided to pay for Section II and III, the Masters and Professional. Sensational!

Now I've completed Section II and I feel so good, so tranquil and so connected with everybody present. This feeling lasts and grows. Now I'm starting the Section III.

Thank you Harry for inspiring people to inspiring people and so on. With Love.

L. M. - The Netherlands
I just finished Section III of The Avatar Course. It was amazing, but I can't explain what happened to me. It is such a mysterious thing. It was like I was in a great dark for such a long time. I thought I would never find positive things and happiness again.

However, a friend of mine, who already finished the course last year, told me about The Avatar Course. Now I'm at peace. I will join the Masters Course in Korea and then The Wizard Course, next year. I can't wait for these courses. Thanks a lot! God Bless you.

S. K., Korea