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The difficult reality, I created from my beliefs. I realized I was experiencing difficulties in business, relationships, or incompetence of my employees, according to my beliefs. I was enjoying myself in my own creation of suffering.

Now, my life will be creating in a new direction. I will create the life I want, being awake at every moment. I will live my life being more honest, more real to myself and compassionate to others.

Now I can feel the value of my existence with this feeling, I will live the life of contributing to an EPC. I thank you Harry for opening the courage and the path to life.

S. C. - Korea

My initiation session was wonderful! I was so relaxed and in the perfect moment, nothing else was there. My mind has never been so still. After my initiation was complete, I felt so aware of... everything! Sounds were amplified. I saw things with great detail and clarity, but all the while my mind was still. What a great feeling! Thank You!!

R. D. - Alaska
What a wonderful week I have had at The Avatar Course. The Masters helped me through various areas of resistance I had in my life with so much care and love.

My experience during Section III, was so profound that my body was tingling. I felt energy moving all around my body. It is as though my body is numb with pleasure, relaxed. I really don't have words for it.

An excellent exercise at the end of a very intense life changing week. I am looking forward to putting Avatar tools to work in my world and hope to be a part of this excellent vision of a new, enlightened world.

K. C., Scotland

Dear Harry,
I want to express my gratitude for the transformation my children have gone through during these nine days and the fact that they have now, these amazing tools to deliberately shape their lives and soon the lives of others. The shift I have seen, especially in my eleven year-old daughter, has been amazing. I feel her resistances and angry attitude drop to virtually zero. She is changed, calm, wise, and happy.

C. R. -  Florida