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I was born deaf. My world seemed separate from the hearing world but through Avatar I learned that all people feel the same way. When we are in feel, we are all the same, no differences, only feel. Avatar is extremely amazing! These tools are essential, and I will use them often. The experience of Avatar is like a magical adventure. See you at The Master Course.

B. R. - Texas
This has been the most incredible experience of my life. I am a new person, and I don’t even recall the old person. I will surely not miss her. The future is an incredible adventure waiting for me to create it. I feel peace within me that I never knew existed. The love I have for myself will light the world I live in; love for myself is incredible and new in itself. Avatar has changed my life and has taught me world lessons that I will use for eternity.

S. M. - Virginia
It’s so subtle. My life’s now lived from a totally different viewpoint. A shift so subtle that most people in my life aren’t aware of it. But I am. I used to have nervous hands. They impatiently picked at each other, but now they are relaxed or busy, as I decide.
Happiness is singing along with the car radio, skipping along the road, having fun with my partner and my friends.
I sleep better at night and have vivid dreams about journeys and people.
I am more aware of spaces and forms; my body feels lighter as I sense the space inside the form, and I am the space within and without.
I have done many self-development, personal growth and spiritual awareness  courses with amazing results, but Avatar has fundamentally changed me. And there are fresh insights every day.
I wish everyone in the world could have the insights and shifts that I have created through my Avatar experiences. Avatar plugs you back into the universe—in a relaxed balanced way.

A.T. - Australia
On 8/7/99 I was admitted to a hospital where after 10 days of excruciating tests I was diagnosed as having a malignant cancer in both my kidneys. Fortunately, fate brought Russell Monsurate to my bedside. For more than a week he made visits on a daily basis and brought laughter back into my life.
I was amazed at the wonderful change I saw in him since our last meeting over four years ago. He told me that Avatar had transformed his life. One of the first lessons I learned just from being in his presence was to smile deliberately. From this I deduced that joy was not dependent on the outer world, people or events but that it originated from within. Most of the patients who visited me at the hospital remarked on my sudden transformation and cheerful demeanor, wondering what the cause of my joy was. “What did you say you were diagnosed with? Cancer? There must be some mistake!” I heard people remark. In fact my friend Jayant who was visiting with his parents was so fascinated that he approached Russ to do The Avatar Course immediately. After starting on a few of the exercises in the hospital, I was able to leave in just three days time, against the advice of my doctors. I continued doing the exercises, and things mysteriously began to fall into place. My left kidney was entirely removed with a tumor weighing three and a half kilograms in August ‘99. Then in September ‘99 half of my right kidney was removed. The remaining half is now tied up in three places to isolate the cancer spots from the rest of the kidney. I now live on just one-quarter of my kidney. I can tell you life is a lot lighter! And, yes, I will survive!
A great sense of appreciation has filled my life, and I have often caught myself smiling from within. As a result of maintaining a positive frame of mind, new vistas have opened up for me. I am absolutely certain that controlling one’s attention is the key to unlocking your true potential.
I plan to complete The Master Course some day and deliver it all over the world. Avatar has taught me that God truly helps those who help themselves!

Rev. T. C. - Bombay