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Dear Harry,

I just had the most profound experience while working on an exercise in Section II of the Avatar Course. I totally felt my connection in compassion with everyone. While feeling into people and exploring changing my opinions and perceptions I felt a closeness and an amazing feeling of "we are all the same". It really touched my heart. I felt so much joy, tears and laughter. Such an amazing feeling! Much gratitude to you for all your teachings,

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand

Hello Harry and Avra,

I just finished the Avatar Course. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I always knew I had more to do in this particular life. I just didn't know what it was..until now! Enlightened Planetary Civilization my energy is going into you! Peace and Love to you both,

Ollie Richardson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

I was wondering what to write to you. My head is so empty, no thoughts. However I am in service to others and I am creating so maybe that is my big win on this Avatar Course. No thoughts just love,

Tiny DeBruin- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I am at the International Avatar Course. I felt that the consciousness of the students was expanding with high speed and an Enlightened Planetary Civilization was getting close. I felt the progress of the course growing and the students getting connected with the materials and began to operate them. Though the amount of students is big, they seem to be taken care of carefully. They were feeling the inspiration and decided to move forward to the Master Course. It was awesome. I felt the power of the course. Everyday we could enjoy your DVD's and the sharing of the students. I would like to become an Avatar Master that can share this movement with as many people as possible. Thank you, Harry.

Momoyo Kinoshita- Japan