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If I didn't get to know Avatar, I would have been a victim living in the dark. Thank You for your support and the Masters. I could become a baby without judgment. I can put things into action as a primary, not a secondary. I can become what I want. Thank You from my heart. This is my first day of my rebirth. With Love and Appreciation.
I came to the Avatar Course in order to change my character. Change the impression I'm giving to others and become a successful person who has enough money to build schools and other facilities for people who can't help themselves. I realized that my dream was a small one. I'm confident now, that through expanding Avatar, my dreams would come true and incidents in the world such as war or disputes would resolve by integrating the belief system. My new life starts today. I'm full of joy.


Dear Harry,

I was just doing Avatar in Hamburg, and I am still on "Cloud 9", in the moment, I was experiencing the most important 9 days in my life! I am New Born!

Thanks for the ways you are going to give the universe these successes. This is the greatest present someone ever gave to me! I am happy to be me to go forward in a lighter world.

Without words. Just a feeling. I am happy to see you next year in Orlando.


Part I: ReSurfacing showed me how undeliberately I have lived so far. I was successful in creating deliberately my indoctrinations on and on and on. A big AHA was the expereince of transparent beliefs.

Part 2: The Walk for Atonement in the morning was a good beginning. The guidance to the Feel-its was exciting. The work with the Source List brought me a lot of realizations regarding myself. I found a lot of old patterns and recognized a lot of new ones. Thank You so that I could experience on the Source List again, big issues of my life and integrate them. A big special thank you to Michael for his caring, humorous guidance.

Part 3: The Initiation and the Ultimate Process, I experienced as "Welcome to Life". With creating of Primaries-- after I got it -- I have had a lot of fun. Thank you to the whole team. I can create my life now.

Dear Harry, I do enjoy the Avatar Course very much. Thank You. I think your speeches are very funny. I would like to become a Master, too, but I don't have the money to pay myself, but, I hope that I can do it soon. I would like to meet you in person on a course. I already enjoy it very much that I came on this course. (12 years old)