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Before coming to this course, the word "responsibility" made me feel bad. It meant a huge burden on my shoulders and I really resisted the word. Sometimes I managed to escape from it. Often I made it through, somehow, with a struggle.

But now that I know a lot more about consciousness and about being source, the word "responsibility" brings a precious joy to my life. It means peace for my source being. I am so surprised that I'm even willing to take real responsibility for my life.

Thank you Harry, very much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to experience this special feeling.

Y. N.-Japan

Everyday that I am here I become more present, more source. Everything I encounter can be integrated.

C. A.-Netherlands

When I joined the course I didn't expect much. I just thought that The Avatar Course would give me a little motivation to change myself. But as the course progressed I couldn't help being surprised.

There are a lot of books about self-help but I've never read these simple and easy exercises. And these tools have pointed me exactly to my viewpoints and beliefs. When I discovered my transparent beliefs hiding deep inside, I sometimes cried, and sometimes they hurt, but I could handle these beliefs and see myself more clearly.

Not only have I learned about myself but I have the solutions to deal with my issues.

I have hope. I can heal the deep hurts in my heart and throw away my unhealthy beliefs.
I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

K. K.-Korea

Israel. May 20 2009
Dear Harry

I just finished the second primary on the source list. It was hard work and it feels like there is something here that is bigger than life.
You saved my life. I was already mentally dead and you gave me a hand by amazing insights - here in Israel.
The way they endure with me, and the way they dedicate their time and energy to me. It's a sacred work. You guys saved me, and in Hebrew we say : He who saved one soul, it is as if he saved a whole universe".
I know I'm only at the beginning of the path, but I would really like to thank you all.
In respect
Tzipi Ranan

May 23rd 2009
Dear Harry
I just finished delivering the Avatar course to my aunt.
I have no words to thank you for the powerful experience.
To empower a person and to experience her growing "by the hour", that is the best gift. To help them getting out of creations that sabotaged their life so much -that is an experience that being a part of is a grace.
I am full of appreciation from the depth of my heart and astonished time and again by the course materials, and I'm proud to be part of this powerful creation.
I would like to mention that I was supported in delivering the course by Adit Ben Porat and Rina Koresh, with professionalism and endless love! Adit has opened her house for the whole nine days even though my aunt was the only student in the course. That is to me one of the highest expressions of an enlightened planetary civilization!!!
Thank you so much for all that good
With love and appreciation