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Dear Harry, Avra, Pieta and Everyone,

Today I have witnessed a miracle. My son has just completed the first exercise of Section 2 of the Avatar Course. He explored the identity of  being a perfectionist . I have watched him struggle with this his whole life and now he has popped out of it ! The light and joyful side of him has emerged.

Thank you so much, with love always,

David Abels-USA

Dear Harry,

I am reviewing the Avatar Course. My wife is here also experiencing it for the first time  and our 11 month son is here with us. Thanks for the materials. I have been able to handle and see a lot of my identities that I use in life and in my relationship with my wife. Now I can create deliberately without judging or justifying. A special thanks to the people that assist us continuously with loving care to learn how to use these materials. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Thanks!!

Gabriele Bucci- USA

Dear Harry,

Oh My God! The amazing taste of food while I used the perceptual skill taught in Section Two of the Avatar Course! Days of magnificent culinary experiences for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The process has been a reclaiming of self, as I thought it would be. But way beyond to expanses of I-ness, time and space. I am a being on a limitless journey!

Bonnie Salamon- USA

 Dear Harry,

Waking up again. Feeling again. Hello life! Watch out. Harry, thank you for putting it all together and writing it down!