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An Eternal Heart

I really have no words to describe my initiation. I connected with a whole sensation of peace and indescribable serenity. I felt the eternity in me and I was the eternity. It is like a different heart beating. An eternal one. I surrendered to it. I realized that we all are living in it. Really, no words!

R. A. -  Spain
The day after The Avatar Course I had an extra day to metabolize things I had learned and experienced.

I realize today after graduating as an Avatar, I am different. My life will never be the same. My prayers are answered - this is the end of seeking for me (Harry Palmer is right!) I have attained the beginning of enlightenment. I am so thankful and feel so much gratitude to God and the universe for the realizations and experiences. I feel more. I can feel so many things at the same time - a more aware feeling of my surroundings.

Everywhere I am is a different experience. Colors seem brighter, sounds more eloquent, and my experiences are with greater sensitivity and awareness. Tears of gratitude keep coming to my eyes.

Thank you, Harry Palmer!

E. M. - Washington
I am a housewife who attended The Avatar Course with her two children, (13 & 14 years-old) in Korea.

I have always wanted to be a good mother and a good person, but I've felt like I was wandering in the darkness of conflicts. I didn't know how I could be a good person, even if I wanted to be... And even though I already knew my consciousness was precious, I was in difficulty, pity, sadness, pain, or confused about it. I felt like there must be a way... then The Avatar Course led me to find myself easily and clearly.

Now, I have a firm grounding in myself. I think my family will, too. For the tools, and the devoted Masters... I thank all the people who have guided me through this nine day journey to myself. I send my love to all the people in this world.

Y. S. H., Korea
This has been a fabulous journey! I thought, "nine days of looking at my stuff...that's an eternity." But The Avatar Course creates a time warp! It has flown by.

I feel like a new born awareness, now creating my own reality, birthing my own creations. What a joy, what a blessing; to unload the charge associated with past events so they don't haunt or upset me anymore. And to realize that it's not about the people I don't like or have issues with, it's all about me. It's how I react, how I feel.

I knew this intellectually but to know it experientially, at a whole new level, to really get it was wonderful. I've discreated the ‘models' I'd created of people I love, but have judged or criticized, so now I accept them as they are without that projection, what love!

J. F., Texas
For me, this course was both a mind boggling experience and fun to do at the same time.

More concretely, it solved in a matter of days (during the course) a number of problems I'd experienced with my family, when years of effort had brought me nowhere. The Avatar Course also gave me a sense of lightness of being that was unthinkable before. It is definitely another way of dealing with life. Thank You!

W. K. - Netherlands