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Hi Harry, This is the first time that I have delivered Avatar and I'm having a blast! Everyday during the course, there's things falling into place. Identities shed, secondaries discreate and realizations come. Most important realization: I have found that I have been creating my own enemies all of my life. I can let that go now and fully appreciate everyone as they are. The world really is a reflection of me. The integration of that has led to all sorts of things happening- it's like wishes being granted without having wished for them! So long, and thanks for all the fish.


First, I want to say Thank You very much. I've never felt so happy, so sure and so aware of myself. I do gliding as a hobby, and I can assure you that it's an amazing feeling when you go solo in the air for the first time. Well, at this moment, I feel like I'm flying again for the first time. Sure about myself and my possibilities. So happy to have accomplished my goal I've set this week. I've come from far at some points so it feels great to come to where I am now and to feel and know that I can stay there as long as I want.



Dear Harry, My success is that I can really feel the great success my QM, Marit is. After re-entering the network in 2005, she never, ever, never, ever, left me alone. She was loving, persisting, directing, silent, demanding, listening and always such a good contact that I can now be that for my students in good contact. Thank You Marit! Thank You Harry! For having such a great training on and off the job. I AM. Much Love.


Together with my two students, my daughter and son, we started the course. For me, it is an Internship as a Master. During the ReSurfacing, they became more enthusiastic. My daughter had a lot of resistance with Source List. (after Mini Course #5, Forgiveness Option.) She cleared up. This feels very good. My son did very well through Source List until his 7th List, when he hit resistance. He also did the mini course and cleared up, but some resistance remained. Both went on to Section 3, Initiation and cleared up completely. They feel very light and their eyes shine as the sun, so bright. For me, this week, it became clear that continuing my own path of enlightenment by doing courses and creating students, is the only way to fulfill my primary, "I contribute to an EPC." I had a wonderful week. Harry and all the people from Avatar, Thank You Very Much. With Love.