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WOW! I came here desperate, needing to be saved; looking for my SAVIOR.
I leave here appreciating, focused, expanded and enjoying "It". I found the savior - I Am. How can one who has been in prison most of their life adequately express what it feels like to walk through the gates and be free? What must that feel like? I know now more than ever. It is me now experiencing this newness of it all. The game is over; that game of "needing a savior". I decide.


I feel so clear and so full of gratitude. A gratitude that surpasses any idea I've ever had of it. The layers of resistance are peeling away with ease...that is the power of the Pro Course tools. I feel so much more source than when I walked in seven short days ago...


I'm the kind of person who spends a lot of time in her head. When I'm driving the car, I don't talk much to the person sitting next to me; I'm in my head. When I'm at home, I speak when necessary to exchange information or make plans, but otherwise, I'm in my head.
The Pro Course has given me the tools and practice I needed to free myself from this inward focus and to shift my attention outward. I am seeing others with expanded awareness: with interest, attention and compassion. Thank you for a gift that I in turn can give to my family, my friends and to all the "strangers" I meet from this point forward.


The Pro Course is wonderful. I smoothly cleaned up things that I hadn't even noticed before. I'm much more relaxed and in harmony with others.