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Section II of The Wizard Course is an answer to a prayer. When I read through the material and thereafter listened to Harry's lecture on the subject I was stirred by an awareness deep inside me that this is a consciousness to greatly benefit me.
Doing the process is so simple, effortless and freeing. The simplicity beyond the complexity. I experienced such compassion and empathy combined with expansiveness and freedom without effort. Amazing. Judgment falls away, and my heart opens more and more. I just love it.
I have created wonderful mentors and teachers in my life, for which gratitude and appreciation abound, both for them and for me. The truth and integrity in this work and among all involved is very healing and has restored my hope in and for humanity.


Thank you, Harry, for the Operating in the World and Sweet Surrender talks. My level of commitment rose 100% and now I'll do whatever it takes to create an enlightened planetary civilization. The secrets and hidden agendas that I'd been using to keep myself small and invisible are no longer needed. I am showing up to create an EPC!

G.F.-New Zealand-08

Well I told this to a few Masters, they asked me what I thought of Avatar no, Wizards, and I told them that if it cost twice what it costs,it would still be a good deal. And that it was the best gift they could ever give themselves.

Eric Boyce-USA-2007

I write here and now in a place of complete peace and boundless love for myself, you and all creation. This morning I experienced (and continue to experience) something more wonderful than these words could possibly express. Throughout The Master Course and The Wizard Course I have been examining the creation that is my life. I have come to feel that there is some connection between and through it all; my careers as a music teacher, writer, drug and alcohol abuse counselor, my many, many other identities as husband, father, musician, etc.; my friendships, my enemies, my passing fancies, fantasies, likes, dislikes, passions, sins, hopes and fears. I examine the characters in my stories, my students, my bosses, my underlings, and in one moment-one glorious moment-it all makes sense!
Within the realms of various domains, I've experienced minute portions of this, for instance, when I come to understand and write a new scene in one of my stories or when I find the bridge for a new song or when I find a new way to teach a new concept to my students, a way that brings immediate results. But this is not quite like those things. This is, It All makes sense!
I experienced what seemed like a moment outside of time this morning after beginning page 112 of the Wizard materials. I had done, over time, several pages of a personal Thoughtstorm regarding myself, the questions I ask over and over, the people in my life, the things that have interested me, etc. Scribblings and words and phrases and bits of sentences. In that moment, I felt hit. Hit with lightness, clarity and expansiveness beyond expansiveness.
In the middle of it all, I felt one primary, a primary I had made from source at some point in time. The primary was, "I am a teacher." I felt as if countless lifetimes flashed through me in that moment. Everything else is a secondary.
In that one moment, my life has become a playground. My domain isn't a minefield, but a theme park. I am not a fish swimming in the ocean, always wary of being eaten by a bigger fish. I am a Wizard floating through my domain, observing the fish.
Thank you. How could I have known, while existing as the fish, the wonder and awe and magnificence of the love with which I have come to love you all, the love of our wonderful creation that we all share, this planet, this universe.

T. F.-USA-08