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Dear Harry,

Years ago I started Section I of the Avatar Course and dropped out of it. Four years have passed and it has been a hard time for me. That's why I came back to Avatar. I'm not living in the past and hesitating anymore. I can feel and breath in the Avatar space to which I belong. I love myself who is now able to challenge life.

I discovered two real treasures at the Avatar Course! One is that there is something that doesn't change in the world. It felt like I had found a truth and it explains why practicing Avatar leads to the truth. The other treasure is that there is something that people can control perfectly. Now I know how to deal with my feelings through the Avatar tools. It seems that I aligned them. I'm really happy to feel and experience both of these in my consciousness.

K.Y.- China

Dear Harry,

Feeling creations with the perceptual skill learned in Section II of Avatar is the most wonderful lubricant for any resistances in life! Honestly I woke up today feeling so crappy and resistant to everything :-) . But now, I know ... don't resist it! Thanks to Avatar, and my life experiences with it, I know WHICH direction is "DOWN", and WHICH direction is "UP"! I had to start with a timer and do 1 minute of the exercise! Then, another minute. Then, okay.. that's too short--2 minutes. By now, everything is getting softer, easier. My client calls me, and I am feeling so much softer, more available, to talk about the project I am resisting, and everything is fine, the project is going well, all is good!

I cannot tell you what a magic this is, WHEREVER you are at, no matter how much you think you don't want to do something. I used to suffer from a lot of procrastination, and NOBODY before Avatar ever gave me the building blocks of what was really going on inside ME to change it.
Chris Burbridge- USA

Dear Harry,

Before the Avatar Course I was overwhelmed by my brother's death. I felt guilty because I stayed overseas when he died. I also felt sorry for having been mean to him. Then fear of deaths, anxiety and resentment of my family took over. Since then the word "brother" has reminded me of the death of him and has been a taboo subject in me.

Through the discreate tool and processes learned in Section III of the Avatar Course,  I could get rid of the experiences I had created regarding "his death". Eventually I was able to see his face again. My own creations of the situation, the emotion and the thinking, have been preoccupying me over the last 30 years! So I had wiped out 30 years of smiles and laughter about him.

I noticed that I had created the situations which had scared me. The Avatar Course enabled me to realize that I had neglected myself and my being. I am grateful for everything including the morning sunshine and everyone who is around me and cares about me. Thank you!


The Avatar Course

Dear Harry,

I am one of the newest Avatars on the planet! I have many new things on my mind as I get ready to enter high School next month. Thank you.

Recently my father doesn't feel well. So we have been looking out for different psychological treatments. Finally we ended up finding the Avatar Course instead. I carefully suggested that he should go on the Avatar Course. He rejected it at once but I didn't give up though. Instead of my dad, my brother tried it out first. After the course he changed. He had always looked "drooped", but now he gets up early in the morning and took up some exercising. He straightened his back and his shoulders are upright, which had always been drooped and bent before. He seemed also always hard of hearing but his hearing is getting better now.

My father gave a second thought about the course after seeing my brothers change. In the end though my mother and I did the course. My father came to be interested in the course, seeing the three of us had become brighter. He still hasn't done the course yet, but my mother and I had a good experience thanks to you. Finishing the course my mother now wants to be a good singer. I also feel very good and bright. My eyes look clear and brighter.

My mom applied for the next Master Course. I am also considering going to the Master course with my brother. I think I'll get good results! The contents of your DVD's were good. May you bless my family to be healthy and happy.  Thank you for bringing my family changes!

K.M.J.- Korea