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Dear Harry,

Well where can I start from? It's been a great journey! There were ups and downs, feeling angry at times knowing I was resisting something. It's all so clear to me now. The Avatar Course put me back on the track I was always looking for in my life. The way I think now is so clear and sharp, with no judgement at all. I feel like a computer that has erased the hard drive! I'm ready to take in positive information.

People ask me "How is the Course?" All they can see is my face smiling back. That's all they need to see to start wondering and knowing the course must be amazing. The Avatar Course made me realize not to be selfish about it, but to share the best experiences around to help people. Thank you very much for sharing your tools with me. Thank you, you have changed my life! I'm looking forward to the Master Course.

Marcus Muzaferovic- Australia


I am attending the Avatar Course. Because of you and this course I can know the way of healing my mind. Before this course I got easily irritated and difficult. After this course I can understand others and realize who I am. I thank you for this and again thank you for making me able to change. Best regards,

Yang Jae Hun- Korea

Dear Harry,

I am at the Avatar Master Course. This feels like an extension of the Avatar Course. The amount of time that I'm able to be Source has increased! Between me and other people walls have gone, understanding has increased, it's lighter and boundaries have expanded. When I did the Persistent Mass exercise, several childhood memories came up. I realized that the many fragmented, momentary memories were the moments when I had a new faith in what I am. Thank you!!

Takeshi Kimura- Japan

Dear Harry,

During my Avatar Course I got new perspectives that the numerous thoughts and feelings in my mind are after all my own creations and I that I can discreate them!

The past memories that I suffer from are just ideas that I have created. I realized I should not let them influence me in the present moment.

I have learned several times, from various practices, to be here and now. But in Avatar it becomes clear in another way. That after all everything is my own creation and that I will also create my life from now on. It makes me decide to use my life, which I create, in the direction of happiness and of empowering myself. This has been a very good time of re-visiting and cleaning up of these negative things in me. I thank all those people that have helped me through.

K.Y.S.- Korea