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Dear Harry,

Just completed the Avatar Course! Feel amazing, loved the experience and feel so much gratitude to all who attended, Coaches, Trainers, Qualified Masters and Students. My life has deepened and I look forward to experiencing a lot more!

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand


Dear Harry,

I came to ReSurfacing as a  Master for the first time. I felt your love in the materials. As I realized how much love was flowing from the Masters, Qualified Masters and Trainers, tears came up to my eyes.

It is amazing how peaceful you can become by putting attention out on others. It is the feeling I longed for. I love to have the students become friends with each other. The world becomes peaceful as people's consciousness focuses on safeness and joy. I realized how arguments arise from negative beliefs. I am going to let go of negative beliefs and create harmony.

Harry, thank you for your love. With appreciation,

Mariko Kitayama- USA

Hi Harry,

"In the beginning...." Ha ha! All of my resistance did have a point because, by gosh, I did need to clear some crap. But, boy, did it feel good afterwards and Avatar feels so right! I feel like I have been initiated "into" life. I now have the skills to play the wildest game ever, armed with limitless possibilities and endless love. The switch has been turned "on" and I'm in! It's so Yum. I feel incredibly grateful.

The importance of dealing with my secondaries is immense. Going out into the world radiating my secondaries adds to world confusion and a twisted web of confusion. If we continue to deny and claim that we have no connection with wars and catastrophes they will continue a bit like a snowball effect.

Only once personal responsibility is found ( however small or large) and we are able to acknowledge it in ourselves, from this viewpoint change can happen (awareness). It is at this point that we can decide to feed either positive or negative to the creation. Thank you!

Monica Anderson- USA


Hi Harry,

Thanks for the gift of the Avatar tools. The gratitude I have for the work has helped two more people decide to awaken this weekend. We all are flowing at this course and have the intention for all to make it to Masters in a few weeks. It is incredible to feel people wanting to take more responsibility for themselves and humanity. The Enlightened Planetary Civilization is definitely creating! Lots of love,

Erika Hora- Australia