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It was beyond my expectations. Great experience and a quick way to be Source. I look differently to the future now. I wanted to feel more sure of myself. I wanted to feel and experience the power of intuition. I am here. I wanted to use this experience and power to create more inspiration in the Police Force in Holland, to use Intuition in a professional way in the job. Every policeman has to often make split second decisions. And knowing what intuition can do and how it can help professionally would be a big step forward, I believe. Kind Regards.


First of all, a word of thanks to you for making this material available to me. I have struggled with pretending to be me for the better part of my life. I was so far removed from my Source that I couldn't even identify who I was or when I wasn't me. Through the exercises, I have experienced clearly what the problem was and even better, the exercises offered the solution. Which is more than most therapies do.
I have made the primary to attend the Master's Course and feel very motivated to contribute to making this lovely Planet more enlightened by helping other people to regain their ability to have positive control of their lives and become more happy and care for the whole world. Thank You.


As a teacher, I work in the area of special education with youngsters. Some of these children have been badly teased and suffer very much from the experience. In an initiation session with a 16 year old boy, I was touched because he showed me during the course that he had been teased very badly, as well. Now, he experienced the power to choose his own way. As Source, he could step out of this creation and discreate it. Now he goes on as a non-teased boy! My Primary: All Avatars contribute to enlighten the suffering of all kids that have been badly teased.


I was working on the subject of commitment. Working with "What belief must somebody have to experience that he or she is afraid to commit?" I found the transparent belief: "I want everything." All of a sudden I felt much more free attention and I could see tons of situations in my life, where this belief was creating difficulties, e.g. coming late, because I start doing something new shortly before leaving for an appointment, not being able to decide between two things, creating confusion because I'm needed in several places simultaneously (also creating myself important), putting too much on my plate for eating, creating too big task lists, which nobody could finish, etc. I'm so grateful for the magic that the simplicity of the Avatar tools can create!


,J. P. C.-USA-09

I finished my first Master Course yesterday in Egmond aan Zee. It was "awesome."

You say it! My son had an argument with one of his best friends, two days ago. They were playing some kind of computer game and disagreed on the outcome of it. As they were at my home, my son said to his friend: "Go home!" They had not talked to each other since. Two days after the argument, I asked my son what do you want to do (holiday period)? He wanted to call a friend to play with. All of his other friends were already engaged, so I challenged him, why don't you call M? His answer: he did not feel like it. I asked what is wrong? He told me the story. I asked how are you really feeling about it? In the end he said: I was afraid that the argument would escalate.

So I started the exercise on Transparent Beliefs. (I see now, I forgot to ask about: how do you prove your belief, however the process was OK). It took some time for him to understand the exercise, but in the end he obliged willingly and trusted me completely in directing the exercise! It turned out he was afraid to loose his friend "forever" if he would not have sent him away (after some: I don't knows, amongst others). I asked: do you still feel mad at him? He was! I told him: FEEL it! He was afraid it would last forever. I assured him, that it will go away very quickly if you really feel it (my serious drill!!). Very shortly, he told me: IT'S GONE! I asked, "What do you feel now?" He said: empty. I went over to him and cried on his shoulder, I have never been prouder to be able to help somebody in this way!

The word lesson and the life lesson coinciding! However he was still reluctant to phone his friend. The same transparent belief drill revealed: he was afraid to be rejected by M. Once this was clear to him, he objected no longer and phoned M. (to face the music!) Friends? M obliged, but was nor prepared to play with my son! Half an hour later M called back: "Do you really want to play with me?" "Yes, of course." They played together the rest of the day without any discord! My son and I kept hugging all day, unprecedented! After he phoned M, I told him, remember this for the rest of your life, it is most important! This I stated as a primary! He will never forget it!

P.D. 2009