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I received my Initiation after becoming a Master from a friend and it left me in a state of amazement! I could not believe what happened after. I was looking out of the glass window and I started appreciating the sky outside.Then I looked up at the ceiling and I saw a beautiful pattern.Then suddenly it occurred to me that I was not wearing my glasses. Yes I am very shortsighted! But as soon as I realized this, my eyesight returned to it's previous state. But now I feel that, yes, I created this shortsighted eyesight because I used to look at people with glasses and think they looked so intelligent and I wanted to look like them! So now I know I created this reality. And, yes, I can change it too and I will. Thank you Harry for the Master Course. I hope to see you at the Professional Course soon.

Gaurav Kandpal- USA

Dear Harry,

Once again I am in awe of how these tools work. I am doing my second Internship as a Master in Holland. I brought my good friend, who is a beautiful, intelligent woman as my student.But she has been so weighed down by anxiety and trying to be right for so long. She has emerged this week and has lost her weight of creations. She says she feels physically taller!

As for me, I use the tools every day and have gradually become clearer and clearer about my direction. Gradually my beliefs that have limited me have emerged and finally I realized how hard I am on myself, how strongly I push and how hard I fight! I handled all those beliefs and now have such a sense of calm and gentle appreciation for myself. I am ready again to move forward in flow. Thank you. Lots of love,

Vanessa Loughlin- Holland

Dear Harry,

When I started with Avatar I wanted to find out if I wanted a divorce. I was still with my family, but not happy and still had this doubt. However I worked on the Forgiveness Mini-Course and when I finished I just felt for the first "real" time that I wanted to stay with my husband. I feel free and light. If I can handle myself and forgive me, then I can handle the whole world!

Alexandra Itfuzon- USA

Dear Harry,

I am at the International Avatar Course. I felt that the consciousness of the students was expanding with high speed and an Enlightened Planetary Civilization was getting close. I felt the progress of the course growing and the students getting connected with the materials and began to operate them. Though the amount of students is big, they seem to be taken care of carefully. They were feeling the inspiration and decided to move forward to the Master Course. It was awesome. I felt the power of the course. Everyday we could enjoy your DVD's and the sharing of the students. I would like to become an Avatar Master that can share this movement with as many people as possible. Thank you, Harry.

Momoyo Kinoshita- Japan