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Dear Harry,

I am having such an amazing Internship as a Master. I am exploring intention and the feeling of discouragement I get when I drop my intention. I know to just keep putting my attention back on my heart-felt goals and purpose in life.

I wanted to share some of the things I fell gratitude for in having this life's purpose. It's going to Karmically heal the pain I have caused others and really give back to humanity. I get to really experience life. I get a challenge to really swim into a big current, a big juicy goal, a spectacular intuition. I help to experience and uncover the best in every human being, their underlying passions and Source power. I get to wake up in a team with the most inspiring and extraordinary people I have ever known. I am at the tip of a wave of the most awesome and amazing joy that will flood the planet.

I grew up looking at photography of all the past pain and suffering in the world. Now I can create art and photography which depicts the magic that is unfolding on the planet, as consciousness unfolds and we grow towards an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Cool!

Abby Hart- USA

Hello Harry and Avra,

I just finished the Avatar Course. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I always knew I had more to do in this particular life. I just didn't know what it was..until now! Enlightened Planetary Civilization my energy is going into you! Peace and Love to you both,

Ollie Richardson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

I was wondering what to write to you. My head is so empty, no thoughts. However I am in service to others and I am creating so maybe that is my big win on this Avatar Course. No thoughts just love,

Tiny DeBruin- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

Thank you for your wonderful teachings, the talk yesterday, the materials and the Sangha you created for all us very fortunate beings. It is a gift to be here recommitting to the mission of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, the ancient-future agreement and to be here-now participating in creating a field of appreciation that broadcasts everywhere and permeates everything. This is the elixir that transforms consciousness and creates the miracle of new possibilities. I am sending you my deepest gratitude for the gift of participating and for your loving example. I love you so.

Linda Waters- USA