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Dear Harry,

The Avatar Course has set me back on track! It gave me a clear view of my goals. I am me and I am not all of my beliefs. I am aware and was able to make a party of this course and will do this as well for the rest of my life!

Trudie Huitema- USA

Dear Harry,

Today, on my Father's birthday, I will initiate him to become an Avatar! It has been such a blessing to be present with my Father throughout this week and to accompany him on his exploration of his consciousness. I  don't think I would have ever gotten to know him like this throughout his life had we not done this. I truly feel delivering Avatar to him is like I am returning the gift he's given me, raising me up,  supporting me and moving me forward,  developing to a grown up person that creates her life.

Now it was time for me to put all my attention on him, to support him to move through to another level, where he can create the rest of his life without limitations. Thank you Harry for making all this possible!

Julia Spors'en-  USA

Dear Harry,

I reviewed the Avatar Master Course after 10 years and even after 8 Wizard Courses. It was very helpful! I got some new insights about many of the tools and I am now able to do them on a different level. I can feel how some of my attention was always on me before and now I am able to keep my attention fully out on the other person. I am also able to fully relax when doing the exercises and this relaxing is new.

I also discovered a deeper level of a very old and strong identity. I learned how to use the tools and fully feel it even when I am on stage talking, appreciate it and feel how it disappeared. So it is always good to review the Master Course even after attending Wizards. I am very grateful about the techniques,  about your gift. Like always, thank you Harry!

Adele Landaner- USA


Dear Harry,

I just had the most profound experience while working on an exercise in Section II of the Avatar Course. I totally felt my connection in compassion with everyone. While feeling into people and exploring changing my opinions and perceptions I felt a closeness and an amazing feeling of "we are all the same". It really touched my heart. I felt so much joy, tears and laughter. Such an amazing feeling! Much gratitude to you for all your teachings,

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand