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Hi Harry,

I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for having these tools to share with others. This is my sixth Internship as an Avatar Master. I am really integrating the magnitude of this work. As I once heard you say on a DVD “ When people find out what we are doing everyone will want to do it”( not your exact words but I heard something like this). My student is a reflection of me and I am so grateful she showed up to this course. Also because all my aches and pains are out on the table. How beautiful it is to assist her while I am integrating the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I am operating on blind trust and other times I know this is an ancient agreement. So…see you there-here. Warmly,


Veronica LaChapelle- USA

Dear Harry,

Thank you for giving me the tools I need to get rid of all the things from my past that were holding me back and showing me how to create the future I want! May you be happy and well,

Jason Dickison- Australia

Dear Harry,

I am Interning as an Avatar Master. I just guided my student through an Initiation Session beginning Section III. It was such an awesome experience, more amazing than I ever could have expected. I felt the support of you and all of Star's Edge in the room. I am so grateful that what I used to be obsessed with as the pleasures of life are quickly being replaced with the real joy of connecting with others. This is so beautiful! Thank you with a big smile!

Abby Hart- USA

Dear Harry and Avra,

To actually step back and realize that this very familiar, very painful experience with others is not what they are doing to me and something I must endure, but in fact is something I myself am creating, that it is a projection, is quite shocking! It is really like I have received and electric shock. My hair is standing on end and my mouth is gaping. Now it will be the using of these tools that will fix up my hairdo and shut my mouth and get me moving with gratitude and amazement into a whole new way of existing. A happier, more available, me! With love and gratitude,

Gabby Greig- Australia