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Dear Harry,

I want to share my journey of Avatar. When I first got here I wanted to go home. I was scared of facing all the hurt, pain and trauma I was carrying with me! After a couple of days went by, I realized I just needed to let the course take charge.

Then I realized I could feel again and I felt like a new person. Then I learned what I was feeling all this time is what I was creating. Boy! Letting that go was amazing!! Now I have the tools to create anything I want and discreate anything I don’t want to have, too. Having this is better than any tool I have ever owned. I want to thank you, Harry Palmer, and everyone that has helped with my new journey in life! Love, smiles and thank you,

Tennille Excell- USA

Dear Harry,

To be aware you are not feeling and to be able to start feeling again is like being born into life again. Thank you for this gift. "All we need is feel..ta,tara,tara...." Remember? Like in the song "All we need is love....ta,tara,tara...." Love you and I also send you love throught the stars at night!

Luisa Santaella- Venezuela

Dear Harry,

For 33 years I’ve had anorexia. In the Masters Course I realized that I was afraid to be left alone. That’s why I didn’t want to be here . The resistance to being left alone and the longing to be loved made me want to disappear from my body, my mind and from the planet.

Now I’m right here and I’m happy and well, together with you all. Thank you,

Elizabeth Magnusson- USA

Dear Harry,

I am 14 years old and I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to come here because it had been so long since my first course. But now I am so glad I came. I now feel like I can tell my friends about it with confidence and use the exercises whenever I am in a creation.

I was so amazed by the powerful tool I  learned at Masters. I can use it to help my friends. I used to have a self esteem / confidence problem but I have finally discreated it and I feel much more confident. I also use to judge people a lot and now I can just see people as they are and have less or no resists on people. This is so much better than any holiday by the beach and I feel like a much better person. I am so glad I came. THANK YOU,

J.B. - USA