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Dear Harry,
I can never get to Wizards too soon.  My life opens with a sweetness that effects my life and physical world in a way I never could from my head.  Harry your talks talks open my heart and mind. I can experience "weird" in the coolest way ever and see life playfully, adjust to experience it.
Joann Cebulski- USA

Dear Harry,

Thank you for giving me the tools of Avatar to manifest my primary of going to the Wizard Course with the whole family, which had seemed to be impossible. Also when I heard that my sister and her husband wanted to do the course, since I had tried so much to inspire them, I felt my success more than anywhere else in my life. I felt my effort so far and my intention to handle myself has paid off and aligned with your intention to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. So happy!

As a person who before had been thinking my perspective is the only right perspective, it is amazing to see that a change in perspective actually brings totally different experiences of life. The more courses I do the more different the meaning of service feels to me. Exploring life is becoming more fun and makes me think more about the future generation. Thank you lovingly,

Lee Jin Young- Korea

Hello Harry,

I am a young Avatar Master. I am a teenager. In the Avatar Course I earned confidence. Thank you for that. Ah!! Thanks you so very much for creating Avatar. I will come to the Wizards course and I will definitely take a picture with you there. Thanks to you I can now like the friends I hated before! My school grades are much better than before I did Avatar too. Thank you!

K.Y.J.- Korea.

Dear Harry,

I just sat next to a man here at the Avatar Course with me. He had the clearest blue eyes. When I asked how his day was going, he said, with an Arkansas accent , “Perfect. This is just perfect for me. If I had been asked to create something before, it would have been about a fat bank account or a new car. It wouldn’t have been about other people. This is the most perfect thing I have ever experienced so far.”

I encouraged him to write you, but he was reluctant and asked that I do so. When we parted I said I would write his words to you. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment. With much love and appreciation,

Janie Corrine- USA