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Dear Harry,

It is almost 2 weeks after wizards now. My partner and I went to this wizard together. Worked separately on our own stuff, and believe me, we had a lot! We were in a huge relationship crisis and entered the wizard with the goal to separate from each other in the most peaceful way and create the best solution for our children.

During the second week of the wizard, things started to shift. We both have done a lot integrity and identity work. I started to feel more and more for her again, but had still a lot resistance on it. Because this was not the plan! In the plane back home, I really started to surrender (sweet..). I started not to ignore the feelings any longer. And the Sunday when we were home again in Holland, we had a very good talk. And both spoke out that we wanted to go for it again and take our responsibilities. We were really seeing each other again! And feeling the love again. So we took the necessary steps to go for each other and our family again and we are doing that right now. And it feels really good!!!! The Wizard Course really is magic!


P.V. - the Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I took the AVATAR course last October and it was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had .... I now just came back from doing the Wizards course .. and it has brought everything to a whole new level ... this was by far the best thing I've EVER done .... it has made me more aware, more connected , more in touch with myself and has given my life new meaning and purpose.

That said, what I also would like to share with you, my friends, is that for the first time in my life I am in love!! I found the perfect man for me :) ... Love was not on my list of priorities or even interests, but it happened! Just as the saying goes " Love happens when you least expect it " and it's beautiful!! I now see that it really exists and that it is extremely important in this world. I wish it for everyone of you!!!

P.S. Had I not done the Avatar courses I'm certain that I would not have found or accepted love ... certainly not so soon ... so thank you .. I'm very grateful.

Mihaela Coman- Canada

Dear Harry,

Coming back from The Wizard Course 2011 were Marja (also Avatar from the Netherlands) and I at the airport having a break.

There was a woman who asked us something in Spanish. We could not understand, but we gestured that she was welcome to sit with us. We tried a conversation, it didn’t work out. When I asked where she was going she showed her ticket, but I felt a voyeur to look further than the destination .. Texas. The lady continued to sit in peace with us and enjoyed our donuts.

Mary and I both grabbed our laptop and after a call to the Netherlands I thought, maybe that lady wants to call family. As gestures go, she showed a note with two names and addresses, of which I could read well. I called the number and gave Mrs. the headphone. After the call I got the headphones back and did some other phone calls. Then the lady just walks away, leaving her drink bottle.

A minute later an emotional woman runs at us in tears. She thanked us for taking care of her mother. She had lost her at the airport and for quite some time she was searching. Through my laptop the Lady called her son in Texas and he called her (his sister) at the airport to say where mother was sitting.

Marja and I were stunned,, until then we did not know we had done a good deed. Maybe it was just the feel of Wizards. Wonderful. Greetings,

Betty Weijermars- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

Yesterday I regained my enthusiasm!!

I have always known myself as somebody who likes to really go for things, who is enthusiastic for something. But, for the past few years I increasingly noticed that I really had to make an effort to be enthusiastic, about anything really. It was like I knew the echo of the feeling of enthusiasm, but that I could not really fully create it anymore.

Whether it was playing with my daughter, doing my work, being with people... I increasingly noticed that everything had a slight grey blanket over it which dulled the feeling. I compensated that with using my will knowing that what I was doing was important, but still - it was kind of a surrogate for the real feeling of enthusiasm!

Yesterday I did a rundown from the Wizard materials and I discovered that I had been using enthusiasm for years to overcome structural misallignment in my company, and to achieve not feeling small and socially outside when I was young. So I've been using enthusiasm to create over things I did not want to experience and now, each time I felt enthusiasm (like the enthusiasm I feel for the contributing to an EPC)... it brought up a negative feeling as well! No wonder I kept feeling ambivalent!!!
I handled these feelings, and this morning I woke up with so much space.... I am feeling me again, enthusiastic to start the day and start creating again!

Thanks Harry for these powerful tools, they truly are a miracle!
Patrick Kools- the Netherlands