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Dear Harry,

At the Avatar Course I feel that chaos in myself became ordered. I clearly realized that past memories I didn't want to recall, something I had run away from and something that I hated, was actually created by my own beliefs. I came to feel that it was not bad, but a good experience. I feel calm and can receive that positively and have come to be able to think about it calmly. Thank you,

R.K.- Japan

Dear Harry,

This is not the first time I have written to you. Every time I do something with these tools, something amazing has happened! I have just become an Avatar and thank you so, so, so much. I am still on a "buzz" from the last exercise and becoming an Avatar! My eternal love,

Hana Coulston - New Zealand

Dear Mr. Harry Palmer,

I was moved by the Avatar Course. Especially the tools of Section II have changed me very much. I used to not look at another persons eyes carefully, but any of my cautions are taken unconsciously now. If only that happened, it would be one big element of my life revolution!

 I look forward to attending many of your courses from now on. Thank you very much!

 Hiroshige Takata- Japan

Dear Harry,
With pleasure I have completed the lively Avatar Course in Egmond. My realization itself in the full power and accountability I have in creating, was a true revelation and inspiration.  I hope and expect that my creations for other people will create a significant contribution in their lives and activities. I also learned how to handle constraints and to use the creation exercises towards my own own goals.

Many thanks for the dedication, compassion and fine tuning of the Qualified Masters, the Masters and coaches, fellow students, and especially my personal coach. I wish everyone much happiness and peace,
Lex van Eck van der Sluijs - Netherlands