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Dear Harry,

I have just finished the first two days of Avatar, ReSurfacing, in Australia. It has been a period of substantial growth for me and I should acknowledge the enormous amount of selfless support I have received. Without it I would be forever floundering!

Even though it scares me to commit, I’m going to say “I’ll be back!”. The Masters are amazingly masterful and generous. Thank you to all of you,

 J.H.- Australia

Dear Harry,

I woke up this morning after eight days of the Avatar Course and felt that I could feel my body for the first time in my life. The pain in my body was let go and I was able to stretch, relax and begin my day alive, not worrying about having the energy to get through the day. I felt centered, focused and present with other people. Insights were flowing and much about my life started to become clear.

After 22 years of teaching philosophy I finally got the distinction between being in my head and being in my body. I had always rationalized that “being in my head” was because I was a thinker.  Really I was an “obsessor”! I used my profession as philosopher to cover up my “mind trip”.

I actually begin to feel free for the first time in my life. It has already begun to transform how I teach philosophy. Philosophy will never be the same.

L.N.C. - USA

Dear Harry,

It's the most incredible blessing to be part of the Compassion Project. Today I visited a Chinese garden in Sydney. A woman in a wheelchair was looking intently at an area over a ledge. I was curious and went to find out what was happening. Her three children had dressed up in traditional outfits. The husband's phone had gone flat, so pictures could not be taken to recall this happy day. I offered to take photos and email them. It was beautiful to be part of this family briefly.

The woman was in tears with gratitude, saying my kindness had  prevented a divorce. I gave her and her husband a compassion card each, telling them how often this exercise had helped me regarding my partner, and the purpose of the project.

It is because of you Harry and your mission, that such extraordinary moments of strangers deeply connecting, are possible. An incredible blessing, thank you.

Fiona Campbell- Australia

Dear Harry,

I am so grateful for these tools! During this week on The Wizard Course I became increasingly aware of being judgmental and critical of others. This showed up in every exercise and I was getting more and more uncomfortable with this state of being.

I saw a Trainer for support and used one of the exercises recommended which shifted me in short order. What incredible exercises!

Then I did one of the rundowns on being critical and found some big dis-aligning beliefs about care, compassion and love. Also I found beliefs about anger, hatred and abuse. When younger I had created the belief that being judgmental and critical was "The only way to protect myself". Being young and disempowered I believed I had nothing to fight back with but my mind, my angry thoughts.

The moment I got this was liberating! I could feel the remorse for my thoughts, but also compassion for my younger self believing there was no other ammunition to fight back with. The bottom line is I feel free from this habit! I feel liberated and grateful for the tools that you have provided! Thank you! With much love,

Michelle LaFrance- USA