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A. B. - アメリカ合衆国

Hello Harry,

My son is sixteen years old and in amazing shape thanks to you and you're beautiful intention for humanity. He has gone to all the courses including Masters and Wizards. He is connecting to all his friends and anyone he feels is ready for Avatar. He thinks that is everyone! He is getting so much positive feedback about the course from friends because he is sharing all his wins and also the information from the websites.

I would like to share one of the stories Harry! His friend is suffering from "depression" and my son was able to support him by being so honest and real about how the Avatar tools have helped him overcome his "depression". He is really opening his heart to people because he is experiencing the other side of how he is a clear example of the Avatar path.

Thank you for showing up for humanity. Thank you Harry and Avra. We love you.

Mary Ayoub- Australia

Hi Harry,

Thank you for paving the way for so much growth, evolvement and enlightenment for this planet. I am in awe still that we are creating an EPC and that it became possible in my lifetime. This is the best life I could imagine because magic really does happen.

I have interned for the fourth time and I want to keep stepping up, up and up. It is so freeing to be in service. Gratitude is the gateway to happiness.

I operated before through a victim/blame identity, but now I know a different way. Care, Compassion and responsibility for self and others is the way I have found. Thank you for this gift Harry. You have helped awaken a planet!

Julie Nott- USA


Wow Harry! I am on my Avatar Course. I have learned a lot. "Me" equaled miss resistance plus! I felt "Me" and it hurt- it really did. But God and I both feel great now! I have gotten all the "fuzz" out. This happened for me doing the exercise that shows us how to release judgments.

Honestly I did not think I would get to this inner peace. Also, Harry, I love your Avra. Thank you. Loads more to come! Love,

Linda Coulston- New Zealand