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This is my second wizard scores. The thing I want to share is that my willingness to work on myself has been so much greater than any course I've done before.

I am more honest with myself than I have been before. It has helped me discreate the fears that stood between me and the people in my life.

One thing to add: I'm grateful for the people at my table, for the insights we gain together, the comfort we shared when tears fell, and of course the great laughs we shared. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Dorien Springer

Dear Harry,

I have discovered how I have used my doubts and my fears to keep me from sharing... me, the tools, your messages, and the awakenings, and I can feel the affect that has on the world.

I am here to help you and to help this team -- my team, sharing the awakening to others, until it is no longer our job and it is time to create something new. Thank you for remembering and sharing and not stopping.

Gretchen C.


Dear Harry,

Reviewing Wizards has been the most amazing, life-changing experience. I was able to go so much deeper with the secrets and hidden agendas. In particular I discovered a hidden agenda in which I am not honest with people about my intentions, and tell them what they want to hear and then end up going ahead and doing what I plan to do anyway. This has been affecting my ability to align with others and to be honest with them. I now know what I need to do when I get home to create more alignment with those who are important in my life so that I can be more in service to others.

It has also really helped to have my partner here reviewing too as we have cleaned up many secrets and hidden agendas between us and that has really shifted our relationship!

I am in so much gratitude to you, Avra, and the trainers and QM teams.

Robert Walsh

I am still amazed how the Avatar mission works as a magnifying glass on my life.

Doing internships I've noticed much more easily how I behave in life and I have the opportunity to handle that without interfering with the process of the students.

Now in this wizard scores, I experienced that how I commit to the EPC mission is the same as how I make commitments in my life. Really committing to the mission improved success in all aspects of my life.

With great appreciation,
Erwin Dykstra