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this is a message for Harry and I try to write it in English. It is about my last Wizard experience in the Hilton/Orlando, January 2010:
Every year going to Wizards and other Avatar courses was like taking wonderful holidays from "real" life. Coming home - each time after a short while I developed a strong resistance against creating and doing source list. It was really hard work for me, because the same secondaries always came up - "good old friends". I began to fear my secondaries because I didn't want to have them anymore. I had to start over and over again discreating the same old stuff. How embarrassing this was! And then - in the middle of the last Wizard while taking a shower in the morning, an idea came up. I started immediately creating the primary: I love my creations. And this turned out to be a very helpful primary for me. Suddenly I could look at my secondaries with appreciation. This was really great. And since then I have lost my fears regarding the creation process - for the first time I use Avatar at home regularly and I'm a bit sorry indeed that it took me 7 years to come to this point. But now I'm absolutely happy and lucky and don't want to miss it anymore!

Viele Grüße aus Bonn/Germany,
Thomas Busch
The Wizards Course is like waking up on Christmas morning and finding all these wonderful presents under the tree. I am feeling compassion, love, and peace. All is well or becoming well in my world. And just think, I get the opportunity to deliver these presents this year to new Avatar students.

Jerry Cravey

I have had a doubt about whether I have compassion inside or not. I always think that I only concentrate on me and my own problems. But after some exercises, I feel compassion automatically and see all people in a warm and peaceful way. Now I realize and understand that I originally had compassion and love for all others. Everybody deserves to be happy. I really hope so.

Sae Yeup Kim

Dearest Harry,

I am becoming very aware of what I do to others. The elaborate plans to keep people down so I can achieve enlightenment for myself. I feel such sadness for the suffering I have caused.

Today I feel so much more connection to my friends and family -- I also feel humbled (and it's okay for me to feel that). I don't need to be noticed all of the time. In fact, I am really enjoying experimenting with "what if I was invisible right now?" Just observing! Appreciating life around me.

I feel excited about being more responsible for myself and responsible for caring for others. I feel part of the team. Thank you for this gift and all the work you do for this planet. There is so much appreciation.

We love,
Sarah Grace

Dear Harry,

I feel the weirdest of the weird about the Wizards Course. In each successive moment, each new encounter, every exercise, and every lesson, there is exactly the right gift that one needs to receive. I can understand a little more how good intentions, followed by actions, produce the perfect world lessons.

Working with the Wizards here, they have each something to integrate and I have really felt the wisdom of what they're integrating as something that I too need to integrate. I love how it all just fits together, all of the seemingly separate pieces of consciousness, becoming one.

Chris Sharp