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Dear Harry,

Wow,wow,wow! This is my second Wizards Course and I really feel free. I was so excited last night I didn't sleep, instead I experienced Source, the most amazing stillness, followed by a most amazing array of colour I could ever hope to experience. This is no coincidence. I spent 18 hours doing "Secrets" and "Hidden Agenda" exercises. With perseverance this exercise really cleans things up! I didn't finish this note when I intended because I love this work so much and was creating such a roller coaster ride! Thank you for continually showing me the way. With gratitude and much appreciation,

Larry Wheeler- Australia

Dear Harry,

I love the network, I love the work in consciousness, and I absolutely loved the processes of deep unfoldment and joy that we all experienced together at Wizard's 2010.  I plan to be there every year, I cannot imagine missing out on such a stupendous, transformative experience, as together, we work to heal the collective consciousness.  So grateful for the exponential processes now opening within me.

Glenda Shenkal

Dear Harry,
Wizards was pretty amazing the first time and even more amazing the second time. The realisation that you attract life experiences and circumstances according to the archetypes and indoctrinations of the past and then to experience it and discreate it was incredible. A very empowering experience not only for self  but also for all of humanity.

Andrea Heal

Hello Harry and everyone,

Well, what a space to be in and how good does this feel to be finally part of the world and a family of friends. Having looked for an answer all my life, to some odd questions, I find them in less than 9 months at The Avatar Course, Masters, The Professional Course and Wizards. The change is incredible! The growth amazing and the love I share with my partner....incredible! I can now share that love with others. To learn to take the "I" out of the story of love allows the "me" in me to come out to play.

Thank you for the journey and know I have the ability to share that with others and give them the chance to feel the freedom that life has to offer. Even if there are a few tears on the way and a couple of old secondaries that feel very comfortable. Once you sense that they are not needed anymore and the rose colored glasses you wore with pride have fallen to the floor, life does look so much better.Thank you for the gift Harry and thank you to all those people who helped me through the darkest times with kindness and love. And to my partner Julie, now I know how and why she gave me the time to become a better me, a Wizard with the gift. Thank you lovely.

Graham Tench