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Dear Harry,

This is my first Integrity Course at Masters. In these few short days I have been able to feel deeper and clean up to see the real me. The integrity I said I was, is far from reality. My past life had been manipulative, controlling and full of conflicting beliefs. They were not aligned. This effected relationships with other people and how I treated them. I saw how I created drama in my life and then used it to blame others.

Thank you Harry for creating such wonderful tools. They allow me to integrate my life in such a safe, full of support and appreciative environment. This year was my first Wizards. I changed the relationship with my Mother, re-connected and can really feel the love between us. This is a really wonderful gift. I look at the last year and my life is really expanding a lot. I am full of gratitude to you!!

Whenever I feel lonely or alone, self criticizing..... I think of the the Avatar network and the Sangha in the world. I'm not alone! I want to share the gift I go there with more people and contribute to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I love you Harry. Thank you for not giving up! Believe we can do it!

C.Y.C.- China

Dear Harry,

Wow,wow,wow! This is my second Wizards Course and I really feel free. I was so excited last night I didn't sleep, instead I experienced Source, the most amazing stillness, followed by a most amazing array of colour I could ever hope to experience. This is no coincidence. I spent 18 hours doing "Secrets" and "Hidden Agenda" exercises. With perseverance this exercise really cleans things up! I didn't finish this note when I intended because I love this work so much and was creating such a roller coaster ride! Thank you for continually showing me the way. With gratitude and much appreciation,

Larry Wheeler- Australia

Dear Harry,

I love the network, I love the work in consciousness, and I absolutely loved the processes of deep unfoldment and joy that we all experienced together at Wizard's 2010.  I plan to be there every year, I cannot imagine missing out on such a stupendous, transformative experience, as together, we work to heal the collective consciousness.  So grateful for the exponential processes now opening within me.

Glenda Shenkal

Dear Harry,
Wizards was pretty amazing the first time and even more amazing the second time. The realisation that you attract life experiences and circumstances according to the archetypes and indoctrinations of the past and then to experience it and discreate it was incredible. A very empowering experience not only for self  but also for all of humanity.

Andrea Heal