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I write here and now in a place of complete peace and boundless love for myself, you and all creation. This morning I experienced (and continue to experience) something more wonderful than these words could possibly express. Throughout The Master Course and The Wizard Course I have been examining the creation that is my life. I have come to feel that there is some connection between and through it all; my careers as a music teacher, writer, drug and alcohol abuse counselor, my many, many other identities as husband, father, musician, etc.; my friendships, my enemies, my passing fancies, fantasies, likes, dislikes, passions, sins, hopes and fears. I examine the characters in my stories, my students, my bosses, my underlings, and in one moment-one glorious moment-it all makes sense!
Within the realms of various domains, I've experienced minute portions of this, for instance, when I come to understand and write a new scene in one of my stories or when I find the bridge for a new song or when I find a new way to teach a new concept to my students, a way that brings immediate results. But this is not quite like those things. This is, It All makes sense!
I experienced what seemed like a moment outside of time this morning after beginning page 112 of the Wizard materials. I had done, over time, several pages of a personal Thoughtstorm regarding myself, the questions I ask over and over, the people in my life, the things that have interested me, etc. Scribblings and words and phrases and bits of sentences. In that moment, I felt hit. Hit with lightness, clarity and expansiveness beyond expansiveness.
In the middle of it all, I felt one primary, a primary I had made from source at some point in time. The primary was, "I am a teacher." I felt as if countless lifetimes flashed through me in that moment. Everything else is a secondary.
In that one moment, my life has become a playground. My domain isn't a minefield, but a theme park. I am not a fish swimming in the ocean, always wary of being eaten by a bigger fish. I am a Wizard floating through my domain, observing the fish.
Thank you. How could I have known, while existing as the fish, the wonder and awe and magnificence of the love with which I have come to love you all, the love of our wonderful creation that we all share, this planet, this universe.

T. F.-USA-08

In these two weeks wonderful things happened, and it still goes on. Old pains, attitudes and limiting beliefs dissolved. I know who I am. There is expansion, trust and inner peace.
I feel free and at the same time a strong sense of purpose and responsibility too. I now know that my contribution to an enlightened planetary civilization should be guided and guarded by my higher self.
Avatar is a pearl of human development. I will honor it.


Wizards has been wonderful-miracles, magic and mystery! With the Wizard tools, I have experienced a personal miracle, and I've also experienced major realizations about the ways my life connects, affects and reflects with everyone, everything, everywhere. What a joyous way to live.
Harry's talks are such an inspiration. I will leave Wizards with the great responsibility of sharing higher self and inner peace. This will be my great pleasure!


The Ambivalent Flow Rundown was so powerful for me that it was worth the entire Wizard Course fee to learn this process. I was able to get clear of some lifelong relationship issues in an hour. The view from here is more pure and clear than anything I have experienced.
Also, Creation List #4 helped me identify and integrate aspects of my belief system that were totally buried. By the end of this list I felt truly transcendent.
This course changed my life. I came to Wizards feeling pretty good but still having key areas where I was unsettled or ambivalent. Post-Wizards I feel perfectly clear and truly able to be real. I live each day awake, aware and deliberate. I'm ready to contribute to an EPC.


I was a prisoner of war in Indonesia and my guards were Japanese and Korean soldiers and officers. I saw and experienced a lot of terrible things. After the war I blocked my memory to make it possible to start a new life. During The Professional Course, in Willingen, my first exercise with a fellow student was with a Japanese man. Then I had to work with a Korean man and for the group demo I chose to work with the Korean group. I used the Rat List to overcome my feelings about Japanese and Korean people, and by the end of the course I had a Japanese friend, a Korean friend, two from Taiwan and two from China. The course was very clearing.
Now, at Wizards, I have used the exercises to recover my blocked memory. I can look back in a serene way and find the answers to who I was. Again I sit near Korean students, and if you were to put a soldier's hat on one of the students you would have one of my former guards. Yet I can look into that face with peace in my heart.
I've hugged a lot of oriental friends that I've gotten to know over the Avatar courses. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear my past.

M. Y. D.-Netherlands-08