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It happened during the Ambivalent Flow Rundown. The Ambivalent Flow was about my spiritual identity, or so I thought. The lists had been created during the rundown, but it just didn't feel like I'd gotten it.
I searched even deeper and suddenly hit the core of my ambivalence. It was about me. The identity named S. In exchange for the spiritual identity, I would be losing the S. I'd known for over 40 years.
The desire/resist was more pronounced than anything I've felt to this moment. In the PICHP that followed I expanded those two identities more fully and completely than anything else I've done. S.: her memories, pains, desires, hopes, anguish and millions of photographs of the past, fully another moment... would dissolve.
An S. had died, a new spirit realized.
In the expanded, quiet and knowing moments that followed, I felt a tear on my cheek and remembered that a baby cries after its birth.

S. P.-D.-USA-08

I feel as if I am inside fireworks!


At The Wizard Course 2000, and only a few days into the process, I'm existing in a space I always felt existed but never thought I'd actually reach. It's an effortlessness in being here. The stress and concern and effort of everything I took on before are gone. I've been given gifts before, but this one tops them all. This is how I imagined things could be, and now it's here.


Section II of The Wizard Course is an answer to a prayer. When I read through the material and thereafter listened to Harry's lecture on the subject I was stirred by an awareness deep inside me that this is a consciousness to greatly benefit me.
Doing the process is so simple, effortless and freeing. The simplicity beyond the complexity. I experienced such compassion and empathy combined with expansiveness and freedom without effort. Amazing. Judgment falls away, and my heart opens more and more. I just love it.
I have created wonderful mentors and teachers in my life, for which gratitude and appreciation abound, both for them and for me. The truth and integrity in this work and among all involved is very healing and has restored my hope in and for humanity.


Thank you, Harry, for the Operating in the World and Sweet Surrender talks. My level of commitment rose 100% and now I'll do whatever it takes to create an enlightened planetary civilization. The secrets and hidden agendas that I'd been using to keep myself small and invisible are no longer needed. I am showing up to create an EPC!

G.F.-New Zealand-08