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Dear Avra, Harry and Miken,

What a blessing to have 8 days of Wizards under my belt when I got the call Monday night, the 23rd, that my mom had suddenly passed away. My roommates were wonderful and got me off the next morning. We've stayed connected, and Beth W., Marilyn, Trudy and Joanie have also accompanied me on this journey. I am grateful for my sanga.

What an amazing transition. Momar was painting up a storm for the previous 2 months (7 paintings) and was having a great time at her former retirement facility for four days prior, returning home Monday afternoon to get a good night's sleep to be ready for her painting class on Tuesday. She was eating dinner, watching CNN... Kevin, her very favorite helper (a darling young man with whom she had a precious connection) looked over the kitchen counter, smiled and waved. She smiled and waved back. A few minutes later he looked again. She was slumped over and gone. No sound. No struggle. No pain. She just stopped. Wow!

How grateful I am to have been especially close these last two years, to have had her in my life for an amazing 96 years, and that she transitioned quickly and without suffering. I also know for certain that without Avatar, I would not have chosen nor had the ability to tend her these last 23 months, mostly and increasingly with great appreciation, love and care. Although she was fiercely independent (fired many a helper who had the gall to treat her as an old person), there were times she traveled almost full circle to needing me, her "mommy", as I had once needed her. As I've wandered our home these last 10 days, I've realized how deeply connected we were (and are) and how many small (occasionally big) ways I contributed to every aspect of her daily life. When she left the hospital and we first moved in together, I put a second bed in her room so I could get up with her at night. She got stronger quite quickly but I continued to be her roommate. In the last two months another deepening occurred. One morning I awakened early and heard her moan in her sleep. I climbed in her bed and we spooned and soon both fell back to sleep. Very sweet. After that, any morning I awakened early and didn't have to get going, I climbed in with her. She so loved it (me too). What a shame that we isolate elders in our society in the way we do. The comfort of touch is so universal and so basic.

The day before she passed, at Wizards, I'd done some work around "letting go". While it applied to all areas and levels in my life, I was conscious of experiencing a shift, a letting go around Momar. Since I knew that she was having a wonderful time at her old retirement facility, I thought she might be moving back there and I was ready to let her go. It turned out the change was a bit bigger than that. I have no doubt the work I did was a factor in her decision (albeit not conscious) to transition. Her creativity and spirit had been high, she had been living it up... a final fling, yet her 96 year old body was clearly wearing out. That her painting (see attachment) became more and more beautiful and much more impressionistic as her macular degeneration advanced is a tribute to the "seeing" possible when whole body feel its and inspiration are allowed to lead.

Thank you for the boost with Wizards (in many ways), and for your continuing love and support. I felt so much joy the first day back, along with the tears. I knew I was not alone in every way, including my sanga holding me/raising me with their/your love. My heart continues to feel the full range but joy and gratitude are the strongest. How lucky I am to know to just let whatever's there flow. I'm slowly letting go of the trappings of my life with Momar but plan on taking some time to feel into what's next. I know Avatar will be an important part.

Lots of love and thank you,
nancy young

Dear Paula,

My check arrived today! Thank you! I screamed! And with Harry's beautiful signature on it, I have ambivalent flow over FRAMING IT! or CASHING IT!!! ha ha.

I am on an incredible high since Wizards. The Trainers were amazing. Those attending - so dedicated and brave. The venue - out of this world! My partner, John has changed immensely - with work he did leading up to Wizards, even though he didn't create being there (but WILL in 2010!) and no doubt, with my own shift in consciousness. Career moves are presenting themselves with enormous potential. John's sister can't wait to get to the Preview on the 11th and is stunned at the change in her brother. I am gaining great responses from people I am connecting with. I'm speechless Paula with the power of the work in Avatar and how it can change the whole tenor of your life! I'm in a different skin. The intense joy is almost overwhelming! Can't wait to tell Dave Sharpe who has been so steadfast, attentive, reliable, supportive, and inspiring for me all the while since June 2007.

I am in humble gratitude for the Course, accommodation and flight fees that Avatar has afforded me in conducting my work as an Avatar Master. Making a start in contributing to an enlightened planetary civilization has been the most rewarding, amazing, and expansive thing I have ever done, and I can see the potential for my input to grow in service to others. Thank you Paula. Thanks to Harry in bucket loads, to Avra, Miken, Nixa, The Trainers and all at Star's Edge for this awesome opportunity.

With Love from, Gabby

Dear Harry

In the March issue stars edge printed my submission "what would you do for the return of a lost child".

I have received inspirational emails from masters all over the world; masters at the wizard course searched me out to thank me for my contribution.
My message is that the journal is welcomed all over the globe and is providing valuable inspiration to those who read it.

Also at this year's Wizards I watched my daughter Michelle blossom.
I am forever in debt to you and Avra for the return of my lost children and for allowing me to have this truly humbling experience and for which I will be ever grateful.

I pledge that my actions to supporting the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization will speak louder than my words.

To repay your kindness has no obligation only delight and pleasure.
I would call it a labor of love.

With much Love
Tim Soden

Hi Harry,

Hope this finds you happy and well. Thank you for an AWESOME Wizards course! Your talks were amazing and inspirational in such a profound way. I am reveling in the magical events and insights I experienced, and am grateful for how it's all integrating to practicality as well. I am awed, appreciative and observing life in a whole new, fabulous way. And after two and a half years of resistance, my husband will be attending the Taos course, starting tomorrow. What a miracle! The Avatar tools saved our marriage...and gave us both a delightful way to serve each other, our family and the world, TOGETHER.

In much gratitude, and sending love,

Hi Harry,

I'm starting to realize what unconditional love is all about. This is really what you're opening a path for, isn't it?

In serving others, we humble ourselves to open the door to really connect with and love them. The tools of Avatar help us give us the cumulative effect of "union" through love and relationships.

Thank you, Harry, for your gift to our planet and all of humanity. What a gift from a great creator!

We love you, Harry!