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Dear Harry,

I went to Wizards and noticed that people were always coming up to other people and introducing themselves to others at the table and I noticed I still felt invisible in many aspects something I have noticed for some time. I also became clear that I was passive aggressive and came this year with the intention of working on this also. After chipping away on both of these for several days I realized when I was 8 and went to my Dad's house I was living in constant fear I made the decision to be invisible, this protected me from many horrors my step siblings endured but as my life continued I would constantly manipulate others to handle my life and make decisions for me and then turn around and be resentful and blaming to them. I never could get to "I decide" fully without coming back to this place in my life. Once I discreated this I immediately noticed people were coming up to me and introducing themselves. I would always say yes and mean no and say no when I meant yes and then be pissed off about it, that they made me do it! Ever since I discreated that I have said yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no and have been living in bliss every day because I decide everything and am fully responsible for everything in my life.

Thank you Harry! Every day I feel like I am walking on clouds because of the new freedom and joy I have in my life. Everyday I think it cant possibly get better than this, and everyday gets better than the day before. And it's not because I have more money or a man or job etc it's all in how I am able to be fully present today. I love Avatar and how by having these tools in my life I get to constantly change to be the best me I can be here.

Sacramento, CA
What I like about Wizards is the level of integrity and honesty people get to and how easy it is to get there. Wizards feels like an endless party with my very best friends.

Pieta-the Netherlands-2008
If anybody would have anybody told that when I signed up for the Avatar course that not only would I forgive my enemy but that he would become my best friend, my sweetheart... I couldnt have conceived.

It was an impossibility in the realm I lived in, the reality I lived in.

But we remarried and we've begun the recreation and the restructuring and the reordering of our family. Its an inconceivable, unbelievable, joyful, blissful, difficult, challenging miracle.

And on this course I have found more dis-aligning beliefs that have kept me from bringing my family so Im looking forward to bringing them back to Wizards.

Im very grateful to Harry, the generosity and the tenderness of the trainers. This year for the first time I experienced integrity. I cant even explain the feeling of the reception and the cradling and the caring of the people in this organization. That's changed my life forever.

Jan Jarvis-USA-2008

If I was able to change thanks to Avatar anybody can change.

I have noticed that Im kinder to myself since Wizards. Ive only been here a week and Im already seeing such a big change in myself and my table mates and everybody that Im in contact with, everybody I meet is so in awe of what goes on at Wizards.

Wizards cleared everything up. It made the complexity of things simple.

Starting your day with a profound and powerful talk from Harry is unbelievable. What a way to start your day and I feel so connected.

For the first time today I felt at one when I walked into the room being surrounded by how many people are here - 2,500 or more? Like minded people is to me almost overwhelming.

I was kind of keeping people away because if I let them in to close they would leave and I would feel abandoned. Ive been carrying this since I was a child and I got rid of it. Im a new person.

This is the most powerful event of my life. These are the most powerful tools. I started my journey in 1980. Ive explored many possibilities and they were good. I found some very good opportunities but nothing comes close to Avatar. This is it. I dont need to look anywhere else. This is it. My search is over.

The sooner you do it, the better you feel. Dont wait. Its just delaying the process. Im so glad I didnt wait and I know Im coming next year and the one after that, and the one after that. Im not stopping now. Im on a roll.

Sonia Morrisette-USA-2008

Dear Harry,

On Saturday morning, after an incredible entity rundown and during my ultimate process I had a wonderfully enlightening experience, which I thought I would share with you.
Essentially it consisted of simultaneously feeling all that is. An eagle. A ripple. Air. The swirl of water behind a diving fish. Man's legacy both material and metaphysical. The universe shining on and on and on. Sound pulsing in feel. A bug, busy between the stone flags of an ancient pathway. The collective sound of every child alive laughing. The microscopic detail of the sheets I was lying on. My breath. Fossils. The feel of every colour wap-wapping through my senses. Unborn creatures. Unspoken wisdoms. The feel of shapes. More and more and more. And my connectedness to it all...... The potential of creation. The potential of me. The potential of sentient beings, if only, if only, if only.... All outside the limits of time. (words, they just don't do it justice.)
My world has changed. I feel in awe. Once again, thank you.
Gratitude love and soul connecting joy I send to you, Avra and the team.