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Delivering Wizards is the best experience on this planet that I can imagine. It is the ultimate in sharing your highest potential and aspirations. It is the pinnacle of the world lessons of a lifetime.
The Wizard’s undercurrent never stops. Once you participate you are lost. But what is lost is nothing compared with what is gained: wizardry!

Hein-the Netherlands-2007

I took Avatar and Masters in 2005,so I'm a newbie pretty much. And I didn't take Wizards in 2006, I thought I'd just sit back and relax for a minute and use my tools. But, I didn't know what to expect, and so I was, like, "uh it can wait, it's another course". It turned out to be absolutely, positively awesome; I'm very very pleased that I came. The camaraderie, the integrity, the cohesiveness, the support of the people here from all around the world, is just phenomenal. I just couldn't have imagined that.

Sharon Morris-USA-2007

Wizards is a companion course—it is awesome because you are part of a group of several hundred Wizards all working together in consciousness.
It’s 13 days of joy, bliss, tears, aha’s and then a lifetime of understanding unfolds.

I like the immediacy of the impact the materials have on each person’s life situation. Harry gives a lecture in the morning about how a certain area of consciousness operates, and he’s so clear in his presentation that you really get it.
First you get it conceptually, which feels like, “Hey, very cool.” Then the personal implications begin to surface, which feels more like, “Yikes, this is my life!” Luckily right after that you learn the exercise or process that allows you to explore and make major changes in your life by working in an area of consciousness you might not have even been aware of before the morning lecture.

When we get together for Wizards, I feel I am home with old, old, old, ancient companions.