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My experience at Wizards last year was so profound, so powerful and so wonderful that the tools have assisted me the entire year.
I know the dedication each of you has and that you continue to show up. Harry’s ability to smile and in a funny manner point the way to the next step has been my guidepost. Avra’s sensibility and desire for an EPC still fills me with emotion, until tears of joy come to my eye. Miken’s strength anchors my inner guidance. So many blessing to each of you. I love sharing the path with you.

Jim Gordon-Virginia, USA-2007
After doing the exercises I achieved peace of mind. I am able to easily explore all viewpoints, especially after integrating those resisted experiences that Secrets and Hidden Agendas triggered. The sense of who I am slowly dissolves, and it helps me to reconnect with my higher self. I'm able to feel and experience life again. I feel connected with living things again.
I have deep compassion for my fellow human beings, and I'm able to shift attention out, rather than on myself all the time. I feel so eager and ready to be of service to others.

Patrick Tan-Singapore-2007

I would say if you had a great time on the Masters Course you'll have even a better time on the Wizards Course. For me the Wizards Course just put everything together,and the word lessons and the world lessons just come together and keep expanding in such a way that it never stops growing. And I don't feel like I ever stop growing. And I think what I appreciate about the materials and about the way Harry put it together is that it just reaches you right where you are no matter where that is and you grow. And so whether I'm in a high place I grow better, and if I'm in a low place I can get out of it. So the materials just keep expanding, and the network just keeps expanding there's no limit.

Blair Jacobs-USA-2007


During a conversation with a friend something came into my awareness that fixed a portion of my attention. As more of my attention became fixed on that past situation, I became more anxious. After talking to a trainer and running some of the exercises, it turned out the thing I was really dealing with was not the thing I started out with. I was able to let go of something that I had been carrying around for 30 years! Wow, what a gift.

Buzz Beeson-North Carolina, USA
My life makes sense...and it is the perfect fit. May we all have fun on this journey. Namaste.

Susan Scheidt-California, USA