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Teaching The Wizard Course is the best thing I ever do. In 13 days I see lives totally evolve. The power of it really brings you to your knees just watching the awakening, I feel so much gratitude.

Never in this life have I known or experienced such peace, such absolute contentment. There is nothing to desire or resist. It all just is. Attention is on nothing unless I direct it to something. It is quiet and empty here. So quiet and empty that the natural compassion and love for my fellow travelers wells up and effortlessly flows out and into being. Never again will I be alone, and from this perspective an EPC is.

Nathaniel Maram-North Carolina, USA
Today in the assumed and projected rundown number six, I realized that I had some kind of addiction to obsessive disturbing thoughts that told me that each time I took any action of consequence, I had done the wrong thing, that I had made a mistake. I saw that these disturbing thoughts were tied up with a belief that I was in trouble. Wow! This was real wizardry. When these two unaligned forces met, by experiencing them together, I saw something that I had lived with most of my life but had never been aware of: if I was in trouble and made a wrong decision it would be disastrous. No wonder I could never allow myself to relax!
For as long as I can remember I have felt trapped, set up and trapped. I have had no explanation for it. I’ve always felt as if it was already over for me. I was just waiting to die. I knew there could be no happiness for me, because I had to hide out all the time. Whenever I stepped out, the voices in my head screamed at me to be careful, not to make a mistake.
I am being somewhat dramatic in my story. Most of the time I felt only this caution, and it was an inner voice at the back of my mind that nagged at me. But it was always there and I have never experienced peace of mind until today.
I recognized my life in this process, and I got a new chance at happiness. This will come only through service to others. That is my commitment.

Kathy Kennard-Michigan, USA
To be a Wizard means to really be free to work for the healing of our world. What a wonderful creation. My heart said yes, I will be a Wizard.

Konrad Polak-Germany
Its hard to access the end result because its so different. Its such a different way of perceiving whats going on and its such a deeper understanding of actually whats happening in your life and the reasons for why things are stacking up the way they are for you.

Thats almost hard to understand that until you actually go do it and experience it so its almost really... its more of a decision on faith or for me looking back it was kind of just this little... like a little nagging voice or a little nagging idea that like maybe somethings not quite right but I just can't quite put a finger on it.

And if you pay attention to that little voice or if you decide to just make a leap of faith the dividends will be huge.

But its a different type of decision to make because you dont really see what the options are until youve actually gone through it and only then, in retrospect you say like, "Oh, thank god" you know.

I was glad that I did. I was glad that I paid some attention to that little voice you know. Kind of like somewhere back there that was just telling me theres a little something here that you should pay attention to cause it wasnt obvious.

It wasnt like, oh my career is falling apart and my relationship is falling apart and my car is broken down. Nothing, no. Nothing like that.

Everything was fine except, I had a sneaky suspicion that it wasnt really, there wasnt something fine about it and thats what I, you know, I just kind of followed that little voice and here I am and its been a couple of years and so much has changed you know.

I thought I was happy but now I have a real feel for what happiness actually is down here. Because I was thinking I was happy but it was a thought and I actually wasnt happy. I was thinking I was happy and that was the thing that was missing actually.

Damian Dressler- Hawaii, USA-2008