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You'll be amazed at how much further you can go inside yourself, and you'll be amazed at how much more you can clean up and have an opportunity to continue taking all the tools because my Masters Course was incredible. But to be able to take the tools from the Masters Course and all the incredible revelations and viewpoints and everything and then go to Wizards, I mean it is, bar none, the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. It'll knock your socks off. Just hold on for the ride, it'll knock your socks off

Margaret Reed-USA-2007



There are no words.
I don’t know how many times I’ve said those words in the last year, but in a very different context.
Previously I’ve used them to express my level of grief over the loss of my beloved, 363 days ago. There were no words capable of describing my sense of loss.
Today I use them to describe the level of my amazement at my ability to feel the joy I questioned ever being able to feel again.
Avatar has always been a miracle in my life, but Wizards has given me the tools to appreciate, without judgment, the incredible journey I have been honored to experience.
My deepest heartfelt thanks to Harry, Avra and all the trainers for their time, care and continued dedication to this valuable work.

Toni Reynolds
What a course! Harry I couldn’t agree with you more. Why would anyone want to stop at The Avatar Course? Having done Masters, Professional and now Wizards two times I can say that each time, each course has been awesome. This course has been all about taking responsibility, and I now feel and know what finally showing up for my life is all about.

Nicola Evans-New Zealand
I very dearly extend my humble appreciation and sincere gratitude to Harry, Avra and the Trainer team.
The Wizard Course has exceeded all my expectations by a thousand, million times. After deciding at the San Francisco Master Course to attend Wizards, I successfully beat off a conservative 100,000 secondaries to get here. Arriving, I was in a strange space of “I spent too much,” but knowing all the time that it was right for me.
After countless secrets and hidden agendas, ambivalent flows, identity rundowns and creation lists, I feel a deep respect for the compassion and expertise invested in the development of the materials.
As I have observed myself and the others around me transform through understanding, experiencing and playing with the exercises, I feel the power and potential it has and will continue to unleash.
I have worked steadily through my well-built resistances, and the gains I have made during Wizards have been immeasurable. They can’t be put on paper. I can only be the person that Wizards has helped me create.

Geoff Love-New Zealand
I felt maybe in one hour what was feeling . . . what . . . how I can feel and I couldn't feel anymore and in one hour I can feel again and thus . . . so beautiful was it. Really beautiful. Yeah. Everybody was amazing. My master . . . the people around me they were crying because I can feel again and it was like this . . . I felt it too. So that was my first moment with Avatar and then I decided directly to go further with it. Yeah. So, I started last year with Avatar and I did almost all the courses and now Im here.

First of all I want to do all the exercises in a short time and thats not possible . . . and now also that . . . thats coming more and more and my attention is going to the end and I want to realize what it is . . . all the feeling. I want to have . . . got all the feelings and don't miss anything about it. Thats why I'm hearing that a lot of people doing it for a couple of times and if your Wizards course is a new course and they're learning something so . . . I know also that I can't learn this . . . the thing in one time. Its got to be more and more and more. That's what I see now with the Wizard course.

Im so glad that I met Avatar and that it changed me. Changed me into the good person who I was and I lost it for a long time and I can say I'll be back and I'm back now at the moment.

Richard Apperlou-the Netherlands-2008