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I’m experiencing an emergence (a rebirth) into a new, expanded level of responsibility. The impact of my realization this morning on Super-Feel-Its compounded by witnessing and accepting how I’ve been holding realities in place with my limited viewpoints has continued to integrate and evolve into a dynamic understanding of how we create and continue to create and on and on...
Thank you, Harry, for discreate. Thank you, Star’s Edge, for the scope of this technology. Thank you, each and every Wizard who has held a neutral viewpoint for me to evolve naturally and comfortably.
My love and deep gratitude to all of you and to all who will be joining us.

Millie Hrdina-California, USA
This has been, this is my fourth course, fourth Wizards. The best ever, and they're always the best! The next year's the best, the next year's the best, the next year's the best, because the work gets deeper and deeper and deeper. And my understanding of the tools is deeper and because I keep clearing away so much that when I come, these are really deep things now that I'm working on. And it's not just all issues, it's also about all the goodness and the happiness and the joy.

I love being here. I can't imagine a January without being at Wizards. I cannot imagine it, because I get to hit the remote control of my life, I hit the pause button, and I just stop everything and I come here the first month of the year which feels powerful. And I just work on myself. Every course you do builds up to this course. It almost feels like there's a foundation that's built, like, you know, I learned a tool at this level in Avatar, and then it expands a little to Masters and it expands some more at Pro, and then you get to Integrity; and then it's just this ultimate access to the tools, and to myself, too because, again, in all those courses,I've cleared a lot away.
It feels so special to be here and be a part of this, and I'm really touched by what Harry has created. From the bottom of my heart I feel his genuineness and how much this means to him; and when I look around the room and I see what he's created and what we're creating, and the direction we're headed in, it is inspiring indeed.

Debbie Llatta-USA-2007

I really got it—what it means to have control over one’s attention. I want to say how wonderful it feels to have focus, clarity and confidence. I feel like I have what I saw in the Avatar video.

Cleone Lyvonne-Washington, USA
I was deeply touched by Harry’s talk this morning, reminding us again of our mission in life.
It is my first review, and I took a very personal issue and worked through it from beginning to end. The processes works wonders. I am in tears almost everyday, swimming in it and then floating up with laughter and gratitude. This big onion of mine is being peeled layer by layer.

Josephine Liu-Hong Kong
So here I am at The Wizard Course. I know a thing or two about it. I am a well informed Avatar who is on the mailing list. A guy who thoroughly reads all available information before his next course of action. After only the first hour on course Harry’s talk brought me to the crossroads of expectation and reality. I don’t need to read and wonder. The Wizard Course has revealed, amazed, captivated and incorporated my grandest expectations. It’s a beautiful integration experiencing it firsthand.

Paul Eade-Washington, USA