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Well, it's aligned me with a place of peace and power inside myself that I think, on some level, we're all looking for. And these tools are simple and effective and they've given me the possibility of living in my heart.

Elleva Joy Mcdonald-USA-2007

I am in awe. My consciousness is restructuring itself, becoming more and more spacious. The hard hidden edges, dark and fearful corners, the fixed polar opposites of reactive creation are dissolving as I go along on my checklist. A new I is showing up.

Anna Keller-Germany
I’ve been doing Avatar for a while and using the Wizard tools since 1997, but I hadn’t felt the true appreciation of honesty the way I felt it today. Avra, you once said that you just wanted me to feel more comfortable with who I was—well, now I do. The potential is limitless.
To others I would say, Embrace these beautiful materials with as much vulnerability and honesty as possible. It is a safe space.

Deborah Gerard-Connecticut
While waiting for a partner to do “It’s All Right To Feel Like This,” I wandered outside. It felt so good to be in that mode; it’s all right to feel like this. So easy to do. To feel that good. Good enough to take off into the cold, blue January sky.

Barbara Organ-Scotland
I've been looking at getting a real stable grounding in who I am from a place that is quiet and open to all possibilities

Daniel Levin-USA-2007