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It is the most powerful, rejuvenating, coming home, feeling loved, knowing that there is a possibility for this planet, feeling that there is. And if there are people seeing this, I'd like to say to you, do it. It works.

Leon Dupain-USA-2007

Well I told this to a few Masters, they asked me what I thought of Avatar no, Wizards, and I told them that if it cost twice what it costs,it would still be a good deal. And that it was the best gift they could ever give themselves.

Eric Boyce-USA-2007

When I was a little kid, I recall feeling that life was magical I recall. I was in school, I always had the right answer, it just was fun. I felt present. I felt like I was out in the world and not in my head. I've been living in this dark mind of not knowing, negative thoughts and attitudes and beliefs, and feeling like a loser, and all kinds of stuff. And in the last few weeks it's like, I feel like that kid again. But now with a little more wisdom, with some wisdom attached a child with wisdom attached.

I just love the data that we're getting to; you know,reference points, and archetypes, and all that neat stuff that Harry talks about. I'm falling in love with life in the last two weeks. Yeah I see myself in a new way. I see possibilities that seemed so far far away to be, like, within my reality, and they're not so far away. I've been feeling connected to my family that I never felt connected to before.

Maria Banks-USA-2007

Last year I just kind of surfed Wizards. I'm diving down there now. I never ever thought I could see myself for what I've done, and laugh about it. That's after taking ownership, realizing what I've done to other people. There's a song that's written about the enemies that should have been friends and I started to realize all the people that I've made into enemies that could have been my friends. And that's not where my heart lies, to make enemies. And it's so easy to be happy. How many of us have ever been anywhere where we could honestly say we got no judgment? It's so safe and it's, I think, what everyone's been looking for.

Susan Farmer-USA-2007

Thank you, Harry, and everyone involved for giving me the gift of Avatar. Through applying the Avatar technologies, I have my life back.
On The Avatar Course, I discreated the beliefs that had created a life-long back problem. I had suffered a lot (including spinal surgery) and was afraid to move much for fear of being incapacitated. I walked away from the 9-day course with a strong back!
After 14 years of trying to quit smoking, I finally succeeded with the Avatar tools. It was effortless and complete—I haven’t had one craving or any attention on smoking since that time four years ago.
These are only two of the major successes that I have had with Avatar. There are too many to describe, and some I simply have no words for. I have had so many big wins, but this year at The Wizard Course I topped them all.
I have had a problem all of my life that I couldn’t figure out and that I felt hopeless to control. I would cry (uncontrollably at times) in situations where this response was totally inappropriate. You can imagine my embarrassment as I went through life trying to avoid situations that I thought might cause this inappropriate response. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what those situations were. I cried in school and alienated others. I cried in front of co-workers and managers—not a real career boost. I cried in my marriage and put my husband in an uneasy position. It affected everything I did. Try as I did, I couldn’t get to the bottom of it because my resistance to it was so strong.
I went to Wizards this year with the intention to handle two “problems” that had plagued my whole life. One was my inability to get out of my comfort zone, and one was my compulsion with food and my weight. I ran these on every process and made a lot of progress, but it wasn’t until the last process that it all unraveled.
The morning we started the last process, my inappropriate crying showed up, and I knew it was time to get it handled. While running the process, I had an incredible experience and suddenly knew the beliefs behind all of my crying and food compulsions. I had created beliefs linking disapproval, uncontrollable crying, and hunger. Reviewing my life with this new perspective explains so much.
After discreating these core beliefs, I have been experiencing life quite differently. I no longer filter everything through the need to avoid disapproval. It is as if I have stepped into a whole new life: I have very little attention on food, my body is returning to a healthy weight, and I’m getting out and meeting people with confidence.
On top of all of this, I get to do what I love best—help others in their self-discovery.
Words can not express my gratitude. From my soul—Thank You!

Shelia Norling-Texas, USA