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It's so beautiful at Wizards; when you are a Master you really have to enjoy what Wizards is about. It brings you so near together. It was a lot more than only me, it's everything about the other. Anyway, I'm still learning. And if I had time to tell the story about it, I have a whole book to say what my consciousness is about and what games I play it's so far away from my higher self.

Marie Molemans-USA-2007

When you ever want to know what you want to do this lifetime, you have to go to Wizards. You have to be there.

Marijke Schoemakers-The Netherlands-2007

It is totally different. It is true for life, I think. So, if you need any tools for changing your life, or make your life better, it is the best way. There is some questions about Avatar and Master Course, there is always some questions. How can it be, or where it came from, or what is that theory? Then come to Wizards, you will know that.

Hyoung Goo Park-Korea-2007

I had a conscious realization every time I did anything in Avatar that the results were always much more than I expected or anticipated. I never was disappointed, it wasn't even part of this question how great it was, and it was always big. And Wizards has proven to be the same pattern.
For us now the Sikh lifestyle and the yoga meditation are very much aligned with the Avatar, it's all a way to access the spirit and it's a way to access your source, and it's a way to deeply experience. It's all very experiential; the yoga is very experiential, the Sikh practice is very experiential, so it's no misalignment with the Avatar at all.

Bir Singh Khalsa-USA-2007

To me Wizards was a given. Getting there, however, I had to face all sorts of dramas. My flight left midnight Friday, and I arrived here and went, "ok we made it". First thing: transgressions, secrets, agendas,and I went, "Excellent! Perfect timing!" And since then I've just been getting clearer and clearer and lighter and lighter.

Benji Sasson-USA-2007